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NOTE: This game was long cancelled, but always in my heart, after becoming a partnered streamer on Mixer, I set forth to reconnect my game dev passion. Because Smile Game Builder is like RPGMaker 2003 in many ways, just 3d options, I decided to step back up to the Lands of Lunori system, while giving my ideas and needs to the new program devs. As long as they lift the limitations on variables, switches, items, characters, etc.. I can remake Lands of Lunori system, take most the story and passion from this game and push it into a new game, "Era of Mana". I'm excited to go back to my roots, it's been too long!

The Guardians of Lunori must now gather to help avert the War. As the Dark Riders continue to do mass experiments to become Mystics and obtain the True power, the Guardians must convince the younger generations to take arms and fight for the sake of all Lunori. Theories rise, as signs may point to a young girl, who could be the child of prophecies, who would lead the guardians and mystical beings into this war, find victory, and bring the races together for the first time in thousands of years.

~*Game Features*~
-Custom Menu System {CMS}
-Custom Action Battle System {CABS}
-6 Craft, 1 Fishing, 1 Farming System
-8 Playable Heroes : 4 Main / 4 Partial
-8 Weapons + Upgrading : Thousands of Possible Weapon outcomes
-1 Partner & 1 Support in battle
-Craft-able/Upgradeable equipment
-Respect Meter : Good/Bad Fame
-50 Respect Logs {Special Quests}
-Hundreds of Quests via Guild Tasks/Tavern Leads
-Partner/Support 4-Hire

And much more!

Game Status: Cancelled , but being revamped in another engine! (Being merged into A Journey's End cancelled game to make a new game called Era of Mana)
Updated to Blog - Jan 1, 2018

Latest Blog

Dear Fans of Lands of Lunori

To those fans who still hold a place in their hearts for this game, I am revamping the system and major story into a new game called Era of Mana.. I will not post this game info here. I live stream on Mixer (18+) and since have longed to come back to game development. It was heart breaking when I was forced to cancel Lands of Lunori and even more crushed when I couldn't fund A Journey's End as well as program limitations slapping me in the face.

As I came to Smile Game Builder during a promotional setup, I longed to get back into my games, rekindle my passion, and move forward once more in my game work.

Since Smile Game Builder has a lot of things RPG Maker has I decided to go back to Lands of Lunori's system roots and try my hand at a 15 year old project now dead, and bring some life into it once more.

For those who really want to keep up on any games I make or see them live streamed, you may join me on Youtube / Mixer as I tackle creativity, gaming, and my passion... Game Development!

The game will be 3D btw!

Luv, Ika BakaKu (new name for all online things, yep yep!)

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFEAwD98KTPV4Dmm6A7N6ktxZryRQ4CdQ

Partnered Mixer Channel: (18+ Only due to strong language even adults need adults over!) https://mixer.com/Ika_BakaKu

PS: I was streaming Lands of Lunori content a few times as well as A Journey's End, as I wanted to share what those games meant to me, and I may do so off and on as I rip codes and events out of them to push into the new game!
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  • 05/04/2008 02:16 AM
  • 01/02/2018 12:18 AM
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sounds pretty okay...
goodluck on this project
I love the custom systems you have implemented into your game. It is amazing what you have managed to do with rpg maker 2003's system. Good luck, and keep up tjhe good work.
member of the bull moose party
I am actually curious how much progress you have on this game.
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
I've been following this game for ages and it looks better and better all the time!
Thats some mad skillz girl. mad indeed. When do we get to play this ?_?
Well once I get the skill target system to actually work and fix that damn boss fight glitch will be a lot closer to a demo then ever...been trying for months now to fix these 2 bugs but no success yet ; ;
OMG. something that actually looks good. (^-^)
My latest Update section on here vanished, so till it comes back to show what new blog updates or added items, I added an Update section into my games Description, it will be updated with items and blogs I add or update as well as game updates.
Yes! Lunori still lives! I thought YOU and this game has died.

Keep on trucking and show us some signs of life once and awhile! We all miss you, and this game. I have nothing to say but this...I seriously can't wait for this to come out! Now...do not disapoint me! ^^
wow this has impressed me i mean wht i saw in the vid for the battle system is
just speachless keep the good work up man
Look amazing, I'll have my eye on this one.
I saw the videos and can't wait for the
*waves* I can't wait for this Jenna <3
Wow, I don't know how I didn't know about this game sooner. Graphics look very consistent, battles remind me of Chimera Report (played it?), and overall it just looks like a lot of effort and thought was put into this. In short, it looks absolutely fantastic, Jenna, and I'm looking forward to playing it. :)
RMN sex symbol
I remember seeing an older version of this, look how far it's come! Menu and HUD both look equally as good and the actual game looks very promising. Good luck with this!
Jenna3 please make this an exe. or zip. file.My WinRAR won't work.
Never mind.I don't care about the type of file
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
Still looking forward to this! ^_^
Sound good! When the download comes?? 8'D
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