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Rise From The aShes

  • Rixel96
  • 04/27/2013 08:19 PM
First Impressions
Seems like a fun little puzzle game, maybe I'll get stumped a few times, maybe it'll have a nice story. Ooh fire! I like fire!

I'm gonna tell you now, 10/5 (yeah, ten out of five) this was beautifully crafted. There's suspense, dark humor, a bit of romance, lies, truths, lies that are truths, and just *sigh* oh man. This story I think to be on par with things like (going anime here for a bit) Death Note and stories like it when it comes to the thinking part of it. Genius. The story really makes you think and as you go through everyone's story you really start to feel attached to the characters, like you're their friends. Then you're forced to kill them off one by one and it heart-wrenching!
This was truly a master piece and I as a writer (more so than anything else) would love to learn from the creator, this was truly an amazing tale.

Game Play
Truly my only complaint was the difficulty of this. While there were times where you kinda-sorta-just-a-little-bit had to think, there really wasn't a challenge to be found. I realize the game was mostly focused on the story and the game play was more to get the reader interacted in the story but I still feel like if there was some sort of challenge added to it it would've really made the game portion of this that much more enjoyable. Nonetheless it was still intriguing and had it's moments.
On the bright side, as I said before (but now I am going more into detail) the game play really makes you feel like you are part of the story. YOU are the one making ALL the decisions, YOU are the one who decides who lives and who dies. Though the reason I love this so much could just be because it fuels my God complex.

Because the game play was only there to get the reader to become part of the game and it did that job rather well making the story that much more enjoyable, I rate 5/5. It did it's job but going the extra mile really would've destroyed any complaints I have about this.

Well there weren't really and graphics to be found and the maps were, again, there to put the reader in the story, this can't exactly get a grade. If I were to put a grade to the maps it would tie into the game play in that there was very little to no difficulty in it. Nonetheless I still found both the game play enjoyable.

The music was great, it really was. It moved and changed as the story continues filling in every scene with that noise that really hits your emotion. The dialog was equally well written pulling the story and characters together, we really got a full on view of every character's personality and made us really care about what was happening to all of them. Truly magnificent.


Ending Thoughts
The game was a tad on the short side though I doubt the intention was to drag it out. Meaning my complaint on that is just because I am being childish and want more of the story and would love to see how things continue (trying real hard to avoid any spoilers).
Again, maybe if an added challenge to the game was made it would've been more entertaining and grabbed my attention that much more, but the story alone had me hooked. The way it's told just wouldn't have worked as a regular book.

If you haven't checked this game out yet, GO DO IT NOW! Though keep in mind this is more for the audience of those who like a deep detailed thoughtful story that makes you think.


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Wow! Thank you for writing this review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! ^.^ (RISE FROM THE ASHES indeed...)
Wow! Thank you for writing this review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! ^.^ (RISE FROM THE ASHES indeed...)

No problem ^_^ This was really awesome and I'd love to learn from you and get your opinion on some of my work (you've officially been placed in my Writing Guru area of people). If you wouldn't mind taking a bit out of your day to check out my latest project (being a book) I'd love to hear your thoughts :D http://rixel96.deviantart.com/gallery/43042904
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