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A Sim That Will Make the Hearts of Cold-Blooded Reptiles Warm

  • Ratty524
  • 05/01/2013 11:30 PM
Before I begin, I would like to mention that dating simulators and visual novels are among my least favorite types of games to play. They have the tendency to be slow-paced and stories themselves are a bit long-winded. They certainly suit a cult following, but they are certainly not my kind of games. Regardless of this factor, I have to say I have not been so emotionally touched by a video game in a while, and this is where Hima’s “Jurassic Heart” succeeds.

“Jurassic Heart” is a dating simulator, with its typical Eastern setting and Anime-influenced artwork. You take the role of a teenage girl who appears to have the hots for a boy named Taira, and your goal throughout this seven-to-ten minute long game is to impress him. It has a twist, however, in that Taira is an ancient, thirteen feet tall apex predator of the Cretaceous period in Earth’s history. He is a Tyrannosaurus, and one who is distraught over coping with his human peers. He enjoys playing the Ukulele, but due to his tiny arms, he dropped this instrument and could no longer salvage it. Thus, the story is centered on getting a new instrument for this reptilian dreamboat of yours.

With a story like this, it is obvious that this game is somewhat of a parody of other dating sims. While other parody games through humor in your face, however, “Jurassic Heart” remains subtle and, somehow, still brings up those warm feelings inside of you that you try to lock within your heart. The moment you spend with this ravenous dinosaur still feels convincing in spite of its obvious ridiculousness.

As with most dating sims, “Jurassic Heart” presents the player with a variety of text-based choices that affect the outcome of your relationship with your character, be it a heart-warming relationship where everyone lives happily ever after, or you piss off your crush and create a bad ending. This game has a lack of diversity in this particular field, unfortunately, which comes with the game being short. You only experience these choice scenarios about 3 times throughout the game, and only two of them really affect the outcome of the story. Worse yet, I only felt challenged during one scenario where I had to choose between letting Taira pay for his own Ukulele, purchasing it on his behalf, or splitting the difference, to which one of the choices leaves Taira agitated and I get a bad ending. Aside from that, only a pinky-full of choices made a major impact to the story’s direction, and I personally would have liked to see more. This, in addition to minor bugs present in the game, is the only reason it does not get a perfect score.

Regardless of this fallacy, “Jurassic Heart” is a game that stands well on its two (theropod) feet, and the quirky, charming story is enough to make you smile. If you are looking for a short break from the usual RPGs, then this game is a good pick. Hima’s “Jurassic Heart” is the very definition of “short and sweet”.

4/5 Good


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Thanks for the review, Ratty! It's supposed to be longer but we only had one day to work on it so I only took part of the story I wanted to write. Hopefully we'll have time to work on the full version soon!
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