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You play as Lyonell, a man who just received his knighthood. Lyonell and his squire Louie, are trying to save the world from an evil necromancer that is planning on turning everyone into zombies, and ruling the planet.

Along the adventure, you meet up with new friends, find out the past, prepare for the future, and hope to save a princess and mankind from this vile threat. Will Lyonell save the world as it is his honor and duty, or will a rising new star take the stage?

This traditional RPG contains a familiar battle system, original RTP graphics, (maybe a few more...) and other items found from official RPG Maker add-in content. This is the first RPG I've made in 12 years. Bit rusty - but hope you find the story to be interesting.

I'm hoping the player will feel like they are playing an early Super Nintendo RPG - I hope some of the old favorite tricks will be visible; and there will be challenges and secrets for those who look. If you take a little extra time, you'll be rewarded!

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Should probably give an update...


Still working on this. The journey through Sol Oriens isn't very long but I've been trying to work on upping my map skills.

I also have a lot of plans this spring and haven't had as much time to work on things. Hoping to work harder in May when things settle down.
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  • 04/09/2013 03:15 AM
  • 01/30/2016 01:03 PM
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I'll give it a try to the demo ;)
It's really not that exciting since you don't even get to the main story line. I have much more programmed; I just haven't cleaned it up yet. I'm still not technically satisfied with the demo... but that may just be perfectionism.
It's really not that exciting since you don't even get to the main story line. I have much more programmed; I just haven't cleaned it up yet. I'm still not technically satisfied with the demo... but that may just be perfectionism.

Nothing wrong with perfectionism.

I'm gonna download the demo too.
Oof, the size! I need an explanation for that gigantic load! I hope you really put necessary files instead of what you don't need yet there.
Sorry, I have a lot more of the game programmed than what's in the demo. I tried separating it out into it's own project but it lost more data than it was worth. I also tried zipping and compressing it but it also didn't help...

I'm tempted to put a non-RTP version up to make it not so bad.
Oof, the size! I need an explanation for that gigantic load!
I like to blame Enterbrain for this. The rtp itself is nice(if you're into square/block overdose), but they really like to bite into our computer's memory spaces. ^o^
Not only that but only a few enjoy gigantic loads!
I posted a non-RTP Version for a quicker download, and it looks like someone took it. I would like to know if it worked ok....
In Tyre why does the character disappear and you are told no one is home...something for later? Why doesnt the item shop guy say anything? Something else for later?
Heading to the wolves....am I supposed to have a third member by now?
The wolf turns me away!
I'll have to take a look at the house in Tyre. It is for later. The wolf is the last thing you get before the demo ends.
Considering the great possibility that I missed something or missed the meaning of it, what am I doing then? I think I was told to go north etc. I visit this santa who heals me and tells me to rest because the road is long (although he doesnt offer a save) and then the only place to go is the wolf who just shoos me away. There is a heal/save spot which was nice. Am I supposed to have anyone with me except my Squire?
No just you and the squire. The point is you're looking for a 'back way' to the wolf town because they don't like the human people. A little after the save point and the ruins, there should be a log with some rocks, check that out.

Do you think the Random Battle rate is too high? When I played the first 2 times through it seemed fine, but i've done a lot of updates and the next time I played it it seemed like it was too much. I wonder if I moved it? or if I'm just tired of playing the same dungeon over and over?

Then again I also built the dungeon to make you gain levels so you wouldn't be screwed later on.... That's why I gave the santa guy, in case you just walk into my dungeon at level 2 =(
Ahaaaaa! A mysterious log and rocks! Ok now I have direction. At this point is it halfway through the game?
The rate is a bit high but since the battles arent very difficult, it is just a bit of a nuisance more than an irritant (although it gets close!).
Where is my room in the castle so I can heal when I am there. The inn keeper asks do I want a room but I live there. I cant find it.
The places I cant go in because of the demo....the tower you can actually fight but of course they are very strong there. But even after being lucky to win a battle, the experience and money dont seem much higher than weaker battles.
I hope you make a part 2 soon.

It's not really in parts... I am just cleaning up the rest of it. I have about 6 hours of gameplay programmed, but I really want to check all options to make sure everything is cohesive and it flows right before I release all 6 hours. I'm on another play-through myself right now. It is some-what annoying because I make it so you can do this or that first, and I have to make sure each branch and the activities after flow together right. I'm reaching the point I wish I had a play tester =(

I think I want to say I have 1/4-1/2 of the game programmed as of now. I'm hoping to be hitting 15-25 hours when I'm done.

You're almost done with what I have posted =D Thank you so much for playing it.
Wow you were right. it came to an end very quickly. I wish there had been a save point so you dont have to start again from the last save point. I also hope the old save files will be transferrable to the new episodesa.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I like some of these guys they look like fun, but if you don't mind you've got a couple of homophone errors in your descriptions.

For the Princess "Slightly rambunctious when the reigns are put on." It's reins, like you use on a horse as opposed to what one or both of her parents do.

For Krubel " Also a bit of a loaner," that would be loner, otherwise it's like he's a car you get given to you by your mechanic when your car is in the shop.

Anyway I'm going to give this one a go over the weekend and see what some of the buzz is about.
There's a buzz? Psh doubt it. It doesn't even get to the main story line. Also if you're bothered by those 2 items, how do you survive this site? The spelling in a lot of games makes me squinty...

@Roy - It should translate over very well. I might beef up the intro a little more, so if you download the next item, just start a new game and watch the beginning. then go back to your save. (I really feel like the intro just kinda dumps you...)
I am really ( and impatiently ) awaiting the next part! Like my old boss used to say " Git to rockin!"
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
@LeviathanIce, it was on the first page of 'buzzing' games when I had a look at it, so that's the term on which I was basing my statement.

In regard to the sometimes atrocious spelling and grammar displayed on this site, I accept the fact that not everyone has language as their field of study or interest, not everyone has English as their primary language, and indeed there is a sizeable proportion of the members of this site who are still students. Everyone has their own area of skill, personally I've never felt the desire to create a game, but I would happily translate, or correct, one if asked. Though to borrow your phrase it does at times 'make me squinty'. There have even been games I simply gave up on because I could no longer stomach the brutal murder of a language I adore.

However the reason I pointed out the homophone errors on yours was simply because your English is good and obviously your first language, you appear to have put a great deal of effort into the game and dedicated yourself to its completion, and therefore are more likely to see what I said as a gentle hand rather than as a finger-pointing criticism. Please accept my apology if this was not the case.
Oh so it did make the first page?! I feel.... honored? Excited? I have no idea. It's a good feeling, whatever it is.
Nhubi - thanks for letting me know. Smiley faces go a long way on the internet because tone is completely lost. =)

Roy - If you really, REALLY want this so bad then be my play tester. That's what's slowing me down right now, I have to play things over and over to get them to flow right. I have branched out and I have to play all the branches to make sure I didn't miss any story, there's possibilities for different characters at different scenes, and all that good stuff. Let me know if you're interested and I can set up a drop box or do file dropper with you.

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