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(Demo Updated) Powers, Options, Light Quality, Fixes

I've added several new things and fixed a few issues with multiplayer. You'll notice you can access the options on both the main menu and in-game, and that you even have options for things like volume and light quality. You can gain frame rate by reducing the light quality, or your can increase it if you have a strong enough CPU.

I've also added the first craftable powers. Now anyone can use powers as secondary attacks with their weapon, not just foxes and deer.

You can download the new version using the button up there.

- Added options menu where you can now also adjust sound & music volume, and dynamic light quality

- Fixed a bug that still allowed you to examine and use props while defeated
- Fixed a visual bug where side mounted lit torches on floors above you were still visible on lower floors
- Greatly increased the speed you gain proficiency in smelting, blacksmithing, and assembling (on table)
- Added a power: Flame
- Added a power for everyone to craft and equip as an orb: Frost
- Added Dense Essence which will be involved in crafting various things, usually orbs
- Added item previews, names, descriptions to the learning menu (where you spend the clay tablets, etc.)
- Added another song track for when you're wandering the overworld
- Added the Red Flower Pin as a fashion item
- Implemented fashion item slots for such equipment to change the appearence of your worn gear
- Now you'll occasionally find scrap metal and electronics from whoever knows where
- Houses that generate in the world now look abandoned, and the front is always clear of blocks
- Added the macuahuitl sword to unlock, craft and use
- Props now shake when damaged and the HUD+screen shakes when you take damage
- Added a countermeasure against the server jamming when someone with a weak connection attempts to join
- Various small fixes were made