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(Demo Updated) New Enemies, AI Upgrades, Health Pickups

This update is a bit bigger this time. Changes were made to the game mechanics and balance, and two new enemies were added. Previously unimplemented mechanics such as weight and elemental effect were also added.

Enemies have been given a large upgrade to their AI. If you escape them, they will pathfind their way to you in an attempt to continue the pursuit. To escape them, you'll now have to keep going for a bit to lose them.

As you gain proficiency in various things, you'll notice an increase in your attack speed or crafting speed for the specific weapon/tool or crafting type. There will be specific abilities to unlock later, but this should make leveling proficiency more rewarding for now.

This was never intended to be a survival game, so I've also added HP and EP restoring pickups that can drop from enemies. This makes it easier to explore if you're good enough not to make too many mistakes. However, I removed the bed's ability to heal you outside the home zone. Outside the home zone, it will just make a checkpoint for you to respawn at. If you're in danger near enemies, it won't work altogether.

You can download the new version using the button up there.

- Added a new enemy that attacks up close with fire "Megrin"

- HP and EP restoring pickups can now drop from enemies
- Proficiency now increases attack speed (for weapons) or crafting speed (for specific crafting)
- Weight now affect speed and attack speed, don't try to equip things too heavy for your character
- Made it easier to see which abilities you have active or not in the menu
- Different enemies will now appear according to the current difficulty level
- Added a new beetle-like enemy "Oberotn" that fires ranged attacks at you
- Enemies will no longer get stuck on trees
- Multiple enemies will no longer stack into the same spot, appearing as only one
- Altars will now appear out in the open with a group of enemies and typically a single loot box
- Another music track was added and now music changes on situation during game (day and night for now)
- Beds no longer heal you outside your home zone, and you won't be able to use them at all if an enemy can see or is chasing you
- Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the engine and corrupt save data in future versions of the game
- Enemies can now pathfind and hunt you down when they lose sight of you
- Various fixes were made