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First Early Access Update (Includes improved controller support!)

The first Early Access update (Rev. 40) is here! Quite a few fixes and adjustments are included. Along with them is improved support for controllers. There's the beginnings of stats and achievements and various things to grow. For the world generator, more was added and you'll now earn EXP for clearing out points of interest. Lastly, a handful of adjustments were made to make the interface easier to read in terms of actions you can take with props and when crafting something results in a bundle of items instead of just one.

- [NEW] You will now gain some EXP every time you clear an area like an altar or a cave
- [NEW] Added more to the world generator, especially for the volcano map
- [NEW] Grass blocks will now grow onto adjacent dirt blocks over time
- [NEW] Added the Ascor Fruit that you can also grow, but heals your EP instead of your HP
- [NEW] Added the Toma Fruit you can find, trade for seeds with NPCs, plant and grow (requires water to be next to the plant)
- [NEW] Can now collect saplings from trees and plant them for more trees (they won't grow if you're too close to them, however)
- [NEW] Added an achievement for defeating the thermophile in single player mode
- [NEW] Started steam stats by adding a few miscellaneous stats
- [NEW] Added a new music track that plays during the daytime on a map 20 units in size or larger
- [NEW] Added the Bronze Axe as an upgraded axe
- [NEW] Added the Spark orb giving you lightning attacks with spears, bows, and hammers
- [NEW] Redid the control config menu and controller support to work a lot better (properly functioning d-pads, etc.)
- [ART] Edited dog's dialog (Changed parts I didn't feel were quite in character and made the whole scene easier to follow)
- [ART] Edited Kati's dialog (Needed to show creature attacks are so frequent they're a chore to Kati)
- [QOL] You're now shown more info and it's more obvious when a particular recipe will give you multiple of an item at once (bundles)
- [QOL] Item stats are now simply displayed instead of projecting what changes, for this particular game it was getting dizzying
- [QOL] Made the crafting menu easier to see if opened outside the menu (K key or at a station)
- [QOL] Improved the readability of the interaction prompt (it no longer only says "check" for all props)
- [QOL] Made the prompt to check (showing you what key you currently have set to examine) more noticeable
- [QOL] Can now switch weapons and tools using the mouse wheel
- [QOL] You can now craft things that require only your hands at any station without having to close the menu and reopen
- [FIX] Fullscreen under Windows was changed to be full window mode, should be more stable now
- [FIX] Fixed the ability for enemies to see you, they were seeing you through walls in some situations
- [FIX] Characters and enemies should stop jumping so much in water now, was getting annoying
- [FIX] Fixed prompt text being drawn over prompt text in the knowledge menu when you don't have any tablets/etc.
- [FIX] Improved the code around where the inventory is opened during multiplayer to prevent crashing
- [FIX] Fixed an occasional bug that was causing you to spend double EP in single player
- [FIX] Re-adjusted how the various forms of special attacks (from orbs) calculate their damage
- [FIX] The value for current ether damage (shown above your regular damage) was fixed to be more accurate
- [FIX] Fixed the world generator as it was placing the ending exit to the volcano too high to reach
- [FIX] Can now interact with props (doors, etc.) while standing on a ramp
- [FIX] Fixed the bug in multiplayer where players weren't actually spending EP or ammo serverside
- [FIX] Fixed a bug where doing more damage to a block than HP it has left wrap-around and gave it 200+ HP
- [FIX] Various small fixes


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Cool. I encountered some of these.

I seemed to have issues using any controller on my PC, whereas my friend was able to on his PC. Not sure what the deal was. I could use the controller with other games and in the control panel it was registering all the buttons correctly. I launched the game after plugging in the controller, too. Not vital, as I can use my arcade pad, which registers as a keyboard, thought I'd mention that.

I'll probably be playing again this weekend and we'll see how it goes.
I seemed to have issues using any controller on my PC

The game actually tells you if the controller was detected or not, and if it was detected if it could use it or not. The game refreshes controllers every time you open the input config menu so you don't have to reset the game.

Did it detect your controller? And if so did it give you the unsupported error message?
I don't remember but I don't think it gave any message at all. Oh wait now I remember the problem. It was only registering some buttons, but not the back triggers or anything for movement. Or maybe that was after at first, it didn't work at all, then I went into the controller software and mapped keyboard buttons to it, hoping it would be registered as a keyboard, but only some buttons worked. Something like that.

I was using ps4 and xbone controller, neither worked fully.
I don't remember but I don't think it gave any message at all.

There's a space in the controller configuration menu that always displays something about if your controllers are detected, working, and not working. It also counts the total number of controllers connected and how many of those are working.

If it only says "Game controller found", but your game controller isn't working, then the problem is with your game controller drivers or the way the drivers are configured on your system.

If you get a message about detected controllers, but some are not supported (in yellow text), then the issue is only with this particular game.
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