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Back to the project for real

  • RitoJS
  • 12/23/2015 12:37 PM
Heh heh, well yeah. In case of you hadn't noticed it I'm back to the project since few weeks and this time, it's for real. You see, I tried to focus on my other project but I could not help to think of this one so after few maps I decided to work on Lumina for a while.
You might didn't know, but Lumina also participated to a french contest and only won the soundscape award. Adding to that I received several review and critic. So, I'm planning to change few things from the beginning of the game.
I started with the Rolan Town:
old version:

New version:

Those next environment will follow:
-Alnoa Forest
-Alnoa Village
-Stars (A big city I didn't show yet)

Lucile's complaint:
While I like her, we told me a lot that Lucile is annoying. What do you guys think ?
As for me, I think I'll reduce her capricious nature a little. As well of making her less naive.
But only for the beginning of the game. Lucile is supposed to grow in the game.
Aside from that, I'm very motivated to work on Lumina ! Ironically, I will not be able to release another demo soon but I will guaranty you that the game development will be fast...For this time at least.

PS: I not forget the project I told you in the previous blog. I'll talk about it later.