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A simple PUB.
  • RitoJS
  • Added: 04/14/2013 10:28 PM
  • Last updated: 11/29/2023 04:25 PM


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Sigh... it's sooo homey :) I really love the warm atmosphere you put there. And I guess it's warm because of bright yellow candles, hardwood floor, and the rugs. Still, the rugs are a problem, and though I like them, it's the location is what makes me puzzled...I don't mind the one at the center, but a rug under a BarCounter? I always thought Bar counters were completely nailed to the ground, no spaces underneath. So it's odd to see rugs underneath them, unless my eyes are playing with me and those are just tables.

Otherwise, everything else looks great. :)
That's a good point.
I'll correct it. Thank you. :)
Okay, it's time to be INSANELY nitpicky. Those shadows that the... rafters? I'm not sure what the beams up on the ceiling are called, but ANYWAY, the beams that hold the chandeliers up are casting a shadow, however, they should not be. Why? The light source (the chandeliers) are BELOW the beams, not ABOVE them. The beams would only make a shadow on the floor if the light source (chandeliers) were above them, but the light source is below them. So... you should probably get rid of the shadows. Of course, most people probably won't notice or care about this so you can ignore me if you want.
No, you're absolutely right. x)
Okay, time for a little edit.
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