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Much has changed in the years since the Old Gods have perished.

The world continues it's slow descent into oblivion, arbiters of the old order continue their struggle from the shadows, and the nations of the world, formerly oblivious to the Eldritch powers that bore this crisis, begin to harness it's potential for their own gain.

Nero, a man born from such strange powers is thrust into a world of ancient battles, New Gods, and an all powerful enigma who watches over all from his very subconscious.

The long awaited conclusion to the cult classic RPGmaker game; Demon Legacy.

- A note on character commands -

Each character has their own set of specific commands. Not all characters can use items but such characters can make up for this handicap in many ways.


Q: Is this the finished game? All of it?

A: Yes, this is done. There is no "Part I Part II" stuff here. It's done. Finished. Completed.

Q: What about part 1?

A: Disregard it. It's canned. I rewrote the whole thing, or rather reverted the story to what I had planned to do before the game was delayed by waiting for artwork that never panned out.

Q: Do I have to play Demon Legacy in order to understand this?

A: Not really. There are some nods to the first game but nothing that would ruin the experience for newcomers.

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Starting release "event"


I'm starting. Come on in if you want to hear me talk to myself.
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  • Nightblade
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 05/05/2008 02:17 PM
  • 08/24/2013 05:16 PM
  • 06/22/2011
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I really liked Demon Legacy, so I'll be sure to give this a try.
RMN sex symbol
Honestly cant wait for this, DL was the shizz.. well the second half haha.
This is sweet. Cannot wait for another demo of this.
Looking good man, keep at it Nightblade.
I loved Demon Legacy. You better keep up a steady rate of progress, Blade.
Now I'm curious to play Demon Legacy. I found a post by NightBlade with a download link to it. I thought I should share it for others who have yet to play it also: http://www.gamingw.net/forums/index.php?topic=68407.0
I'm really looking forward to this game. I thoroughly enjoyed Demon Legacy, especially Shadar. Possibly one of the best villains ever.
Well, Shadar is looking just as enigmatic and conniving as ever. However, a quick note you might want to look into, though it's not really a problem so much as an inconsistency on Shadar's part. Shadar told Slade that none of his attacks were effective, yet all of Slade's "Gyver" attacks did do damage. Whether Shadar merely discounted this due to it being negligible, or it didn't really matter, I'm not sure. Just wanted to point it out to you. All in all, this is looking pretty damn sweet, hope to see the "Traditional RPG Completed" sign of happiness sometime in the near future.
Yeah, I noticed that Karikasa; despite me setting all of his resistances to max the Lightning based spells still do damage for some odd reason.
Aw, Shadar got all grown up and serious. He doesn't have anywhere near as many giant lasers as he used to.
Dang dude I just completed Demon Legacy and was wondering if you were going to make a second game. Nice...I am so looking forward to this.
Tyranos, I started working on this project almost as soon as I finished making demon legacy. There's a demo download if you want to try it out before it's done.
Ok first before I get all intellectual about this game I need a momentary lapse of judgement.


Ok...I think I'm good now. I'm still playing the demo but if you keep the pace you have from the start this is going to be awesome. I am going to beat the necropolis after this comment.

Also I have many questions but if you leave no stone unturned, like you did last game which was nice since it didn't leave the player in the dark, I expect that they will all be answered.

Two things bug me though. One is that it seems Shadar's personality has taken a turn for the worse. He was evil but not desperate. He would never threaten someone's family. Not much of a bother but it just seems a tad un-Shadar.

The other thing that bugs me is actually about the first game and possibly this one. You had a great story. It was a story about the world...although you hardly ever SAW any of the world you saved it. Demon Legacy was great but a game about saving the world (especially in such grand fashion) should have taken place in more than just 3 towns, 3 cities, and a couple other places. Not only that but it should be developed more. Right now I have no idea why Slade would want to save the world. From what I have seen it's 94% water and has little history. To top it off it has no customs, cultures, or anything special about it.

I ask that you keep in mind that since the story is about the world that you make your world worth saving to the player as well as the characters. Sacrificing a little linearity won't hurt it any. I would love to see the world developed much more in this game than it was in the first. Something to explore and prod around in. If need be I will make a script, graphic, and event for an airship over night but please flesh out this world a little more. The game was great in every aspect except that the world it took place in really didn't exist to the player. Which was a shame because it actually looked like it would have been fun to explore. Remember that you can still get the main story across while letting the player actually do something totally unrelated for a little while. Like helping an architect slay a beast for an artifact.
Thank you Tyranos, I appreciate your comments; and you're right. You didn't really get to see much of the world in the last game, or any varying culture. Something I aim to fix with the sequel. If you look at the screenshot topic, you'll actually see the beginnings of what I hope will be a much more interesting game world.
I'm playing Demon Legacy right now I'll play through this after I complete it.
Demon Legacy's great so far 5/5.
Like I said before. It seems like my only gripes are already under improvement and fixing. I really just said it to make sure though. Also...Nero is awesome.
Finally just finished Demon Legacy gonna play this now.
Why does Slade look like such a retard in this one when he looked a lot better in Demon Legacy.
While I agree with you on the Slade issue it doesn't really subtract from the game for myself so it's not really on my hitlist.