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Starting release "event"


I'm starting. Come on in if you want to hear me talk to myself.


Phantom Legacy is complete

Waiting on the accept, and for beta results. Any who are interested in beta testing should message me.


New Blog

I wanted to take a stab at having my own blog; thus all updates for this game will now be posted here.


Thank you.


Phantom's Legacy Redux, an Update

I'd like to take this chance to announce my departure from this site. I may lurk here on occasion, but none of my future games will be hosted here. I thank all some of the members both old and new of this site for making it what it is, in any case...

I apologize to anyone looking forward to the the continuation of the former incarnation of Phantom Legacy, but as things stand now it's simply impossible for me to continue building on a game so fundamentally flawed.

You can read the rest below, also there's some new media (screenshots) there you guys might be interested. For the sake of convenience I'll also ask that you post any comments pertaining to my announcement on the site below. Thanks again.



What happens next, for real this time

Due to overwhelming support (monetary and otherwise) and feedback from a lot of people I'm going to be continuing the game as is.

The second part will be stand alone and will take into account a lot of the lessons learned from part 1. It's about time I concluded this story once and for all for the people who have been keeping up.

Again, Thank you for your support.


What happens next

Well, the response this game has received isn't quite as good as I had thought it would be. Perhaps in my haste to get the game out I made a few careless errors, errors I won't be repeating. Also, there are just some flat out mistakes I made that would've been present even if I had taken my time. (The awful coffin puzzle to name one). I also may have been a bit too cautious and minimalistic whilst writing characters, while in Demon Legacy I went too far and often had a lot of stupid and / or sappy lines.

In any case, I'm not deterred though I'm not sure what to do next. Part of me is considering making a game in game maker whilst learning pixeling. Still not sure though. The likelihood of me trying to salvage this project though is pretty slim. It's a mess to work in and I've already remade so much so many times only to find out that I made so many conceptual mistakes. Still, I learned a lot and I'm sure others have to.

Oh, one last thing. I'd like to thank Dyhalto & RMN for their generous donations. Now that this chapter is finally done I'm going to take a (**SHORT**) break to find a better job. I'm going to be grabbing a security certification this week and then I'll attend NYC's city sponsored employement agency. My serial killer glow will make me a natural for it.


Patch incoming

as soon as I stop feeling unusually tired, I'm going to get on getting a patch out to fix the various issues people are having, some changes include

Removing "Power rush" ability that makes some of the early enemies too difficult.
Fixing "Guard Break" so that it actually strips the warded status effect.
Fixing the introduction boss battle.
Fixing random crashes during battle.
and any other things that happen to pop up.

Well, lesson learned; next time I release something, there will be several waves of testers.


Thank you

I have to say this isn't as big of an incident as I thought it would be... Maybe I'm not marketing the game to enough sites.

I'd like to first thank Dragonheartman for his donation of 50$, and everyone else for their sympathy and advice. I feel like I can get through this now, that I stand a chance when these snakes call me to court.

If you'd like to help me even further, feel free to advertise the game on any other communities (where appropriate) you happen to visit. I don't even care if they read my last blog, the more people who play this game; the happier I'll be.

Even if they hate it.


Release day... Night.

First off I'd like start by thanking my beta testers.

NewBlack, Neophyte, NicoB and Skie for all of their help beta testing my game.

An extra thank you goes to Neophyte again for supplying me with help patching a lot of rm2k3's more annoying features out.

I'd also like S.F. Valle for the use of his original music towards the end of Part 1.

Also, to the generous sprite artist who did the camel sprite; I'm very sorry - but I've forgotten your name. Still, thank you and if you're looking at this; please speak up.

...And of course all of my fans and subscribers.

So here we are at last. Release day. It took me years of and off work to reach this point, and there were many factors that delayed and impeded my progress... But before I go over all that, an FAQ to answer any questions you might have.

Q - My fonts are all screwed up.
A - There is a file in the zip called rm2k_fp. Run that file and your fonts should look fine.

Q - Do I need the RTP to play this?
A - No. All of the files you need are included provided RMtool did it's job right. Also don't worry, I didn't use RMtool's buggy purge feature, so all of the necessary files are sitting in the folder and then some.

Q - Where is the wait option in the menu?
A - I took it out. The game's exe file has been hex edited to have wait on by default. For those who don't know, the "active" atb option in the engine's battle system causes a multitude of bugs if you even customize battles a little bit.

Q - How come Nero can't use items? How come this character...
A - Each character has their own pool of commands. They each play differently and playing to each one's strengths and weaknesses is key in tackling some of the game's more difficult encounters.

Q - Can I use...?
A - Anything that isn't original artwork is up for use. Rips, Romancing Saga hack sprites, and so on. I ask that you not use Slade's Sprite, Shadar's sprite, or any of the hand drawn artwork found inside the game.

Now it's time to explain myself, and possibly attract mockery and criticism from a lot of you, and if you've read this far already; your patience is likely wearing thin; so I'll be as blunt as I can. (Which in turn is not very)

I really don't want to post this. I really, really don't, but oh well. Here goes anyway.

Earlier this year, my student loan monthly payments jumped up 40%, and I've been unable to pay the cost since. It wasn't until the very month the fee jumped that the good people at Sallie Mae decided to inform me that I was expected to pay much, much more than before. I live at home, I have a meager income and a portion of that has to go to help my family. So, I just stopped paying. I thought to myself that since I had been wronged by the college I had attended (Katharine Gibbs School) there must be SOMETHING I could do to settle this.

For those of you who aren't aware, Katharine Gibbs is one of many schools around America who take advantage of young, naive high school graduates. With promises of well paying jobs, excellent job placement and high graduation rates; the admissions representatives, or more accurately, salesman ensnare the ignorant. In my particular case, my naivety was rewarded with poorly maintained equipment, classes held in storage closets, an English teacher who could barely speak comprehensible English himself and peers who appeared to need another 2 - 10 years in high school.

My "Visual Communications" coursework involved cheap photoshop tricks I was already fully aware of, basic flash skills, and a class where our mid term project was *literally* cutting images out of old newspapers to make third grade style collages on white construction paper. I was frightened that I had wasted my time and money, and should have cut my losses earlier but I kept at it, thinking that it was a introduction. "Maybe things will get better" I had thought, but I was wrong.

It wasn't until a 60 minutes investigation that went to my actual campus that reality sank in: these people had swindled me and the cost of my ignorance was an oppressive debt that is immune to many of the consumer protections other types of debt have.

I left as quickly as I could at that point, but the damage had been done. 33,000 dollars, barring interest. But I had a small grace period, and so I looked for work, and I looked... and I looked... and I couldn't find anything for some time.

After a while, I managed to land a job at a call center, fired in 9 days due to my own "sunny disposition" and inexperience. Landed another (low paying) job at a UPS store but was forced to leave due to work conditions that violated the law (No breaks to name one), and a boss who thought it was appropriate to humiliate me in public on a regular basis. Long story short, few weeks later I landed my current job at this awful retailer where I've been working and slowly climbing ever since.

Watching the debt eat away at my savings, and giving what little I have to the debt all whilst the principal balance either barely moves this has gone on for a long time but now I approach the end game.

Default status imminent, called Sallie Mae for a settlement offer and was told 26k in one lump sum or split into 3 payments over 3 months, money I of course did not have. I was also threatened that if I waited on this, the settlement would go up for each day I waited. As I told the CSR I needed to consider my options before I agreed to anything, she threatened me before I was forced to hang up on her.

This is a burden that has destroyed far greater people than myself, one that has had me actually consider suicide at one point... So I come here with a desperate plea for help. Here, to a community that I have grown so much with, that I've even scorned at one point.

To wrap this up my paypal name is NightbladeX@verizon.net, and any help would be appreciated. I'd like to stick around and make games, move passed this ordeal and maybe even live a decent life after this is settled; however it is settled... In the mean time, I'm going to start looking for security guard positions as my meager skillset, college dropout status and antisocial disposition doesn't get the employers calling me, and the law sure as hell isn't on my side on this.

If I can move passed this, if by some miracle some rich baron sees this and decides to help me not only will I finish this within the year; but I will go on youtube and cry like a baby thanking everyone who helped me, or maybe I'll just do something else humiliating... I mean more than the second half of this blog post.


Tonight... You.

Tonight, at around 11:20 - 11:30 eastern time I will be putting out part I.

As for why I don't do it now, that will be explained tonight and no I'm not trying to hype the game. Thanks.
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