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Surpasses Demon Legacy!

This is my review for Phantom Legacy made by Nightblade.


Phantom Legacy has a very cliche story behind it but on the other hand draws you in and doesn't let you stop playing for a second. The demo starts off with one of the best intro scenes i've witnessed in an rpg game and continues to keep you interested the whole way through.


The gameplay in Phantom Legacy is perfect. The game isn't fast paced and doesn't bore you at any stage. The atmosphere in the game is really good especially when your in the citadel at the start of the demo.

The mapping has gotten far better since Demon Legacy and is a pleasure to explore throughout the demo.


The music in Phantom Legacy has definitely improved since Demon Legacy. Even though they are from other games such as valkyrie profiles etc they are used and fit in well with the maps.

Final Thoughts

Overall this demo is one of the best i've played and definitely surpasses Demon Legacy and it's only in demo form. If you were a fan of Demon Legacy i suggest you play this.

I give this a 4/5 as it's only in demo form.