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Night of the Living Noobyas initially was planned to be a very short, 2-3 hour community based project but since has developed into a much larger (6-8 hour) comedy rpg. While the primary focus is still on RPG Revolution, it's no longer so much a community game as it is a game about RM communities in general, and their dealings with noobs.

After Jonnie19 gives Nooblie Nooberson a bad gaming review, Nooblie vows revenge on the entire Triple R staff. With his Noobula Virus in hand, Nooblie plans to create an army of noobs in order to fill the community with stupid people.

Now by some sheer amount of dumb luck, X-M-O, Jonnie19, and AMerk are forced from the comfort of their tree house home in order to tread the boundaries of Shitty Island, in the vain hope that they can pwn Nooblie once and for all.

But is Nooblie’s thirst for revenge his own doing? Or is it the work of an even greater noob?

Join our hapless heroes as they race against illogical time, face idiotic foes, sort through random plot threads, and try to find answers to some of the tougher questions that have plagued wise men throughout the ages, such as:

Where did noobs originate from?
What really happens in a healing bed?
And what is the Final Fantasy paradox?

  • The script for the Pong game doesn’t track variables outside of the mini-game, so it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

  • The swap in tilesets between the Default and Spooky Crypt gets a bit wonky, for some reason. It doesn’t impact the game in anyway, though. It just makes it so that one moment a stool might be passable, and then in another area not passable, or little trival things like that.

  • Using Yanfly’s script, the quantity of items has a box and a squiggly line next to the quantity. I haven’t discovered the fix as of yet.

  • TDS’s ToP Menu is a tad off-center.

  • This game was made in good faith against some of the staff (and members) I’ve worked with in the past. It is not meant as an insult of any sort against their true character.

  • The game features crude references, some political satire, and brief instances of profanity, but nothing R-rated. In fact, I’d rate this game PG-13, if I cared enough to.

  • There is a bit of gender confusion, especially with kaz and X-M-O’s character, whom I thought were guys when I initially started the game. X-M-O (wherever she may now be) thought it would be funny to see her character portrayed as a guy, and so I left them as is. I have to admit, knowing them as ladies and creating/playing them as guys was quite entertaining.

  • AMerk (meaning me, and not the game character) is not a junkie, nor has he ever been associated with drugs before, although he is a bit addicted to caffeine. Nor does he endorse the use of drugs, except maybe caffeine.

  • No noobs or staff members were hurt (too much) in the creation of this game.

  • The stunts that you see performed in this game are done so by non-professionals. You should not attempt these stunts yourself… except maybe in the privacy of your own home when nobody is watching.

Latest Blog

Final update and a quick note to the players

A slightly updated download should now be present, but it only contains some minor alterations. The big thing is I've now added an RTP version.

This game was originally made with RPG RPG Revolution (RRR) in mind, but now both RRR and VX.net are gone, no thanks to iEntry. However, I think there are a lot of commonalities between the various RM sites, and many members will recognize members from other sites, that a lot of the humor can be applied across the board. It attempts to take jabs at some of the staff I've grown acquainted with, the communities we've all been a part of, politics, life circumstances, and noobs and rpg's in general.

For those who have played it before, there hasn't been a whole lot of updates outside of some minor improvements (I think I referenced once or twice what RRR stood for and made the menu layout a bit more centered). I've also included an RTP version along with the non RTP version now. For those who haven't played it, I can't bank on whether the comedy will agree with you or not, since comedy is very subjective, but I encourage you to at least try the game out and let me know what you think (even if you can't stomach it enough to play through).

It's the only game (so far) I've made, but here's hoping to have at least one more in the next year or two. So if you have any feedback, please feel free to share it.
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  • 04/01/2013
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