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The Legend of Jak is a tale about pirates. Take control of Jak, a young man who's dreams of becoming a pirate are about to come true as he is thrown head first into an epic adventure. Explore the land, crawling through dark caves and dense jungles. Or take to the sea and explore distant lands, plundering treasure as you go.

Drawing inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana. The Legend of Jak is a fast paced action RPG with difficult combat and challenging puzzles. There's also plenty of new weapons and items to help you along your quest and are also used to complete puzzles.

The Empire have been cracking down on piracy for many years now, bringing their own brand of swift justice to all who associate with pirates. Now, they look to wipe out piracy all together with their new fleet. Pirates, however, are rather cunning and resourceful, and there are still places in the world that would rather the company of pirates then biding by the barbaric and naive laws of the Empire.

Jak, an ordinary boy who has long dreamed of becoming a pirate, finally gets his wish when he joins the crew of Captain Barret, who is well respected among pirates. After many long days and nights of scrubbing decks, Jak finally gets a taste of action as the crew go off in search of treasure.
However, with the Empire right on their tail, and a new, even greater threat lurking in the darkest depths of the ocean, this is bound to be one adventure Jak will never forget!

XAS Action Battle System.
Quest Log to keep track of what you're doing.
Challenging puzzles.
Fast paced, action packed combat.
Lots of side quests.
Challenging boss fights.

Khas Arcthunder
Graff(logo design)

Please let me know if I missed anyone.

This is my first game and it is still in early stages. All feedback and suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

Latest Blog

Demo bug fix!

I have just fixed the bug that prevents you from pushing the boulder in the mine making it impossible to progress.
If you have the old version, simply download the new version 2.2 demo and copy your save file from the old demo.
  • Production
  • Goatrider
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Action
  • 04/20/2013 09:13 PM
  • 10/03/2017 08:36 PM
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In wandering around I find myself in the room where I need to place the sacred stone, which I dont have yet since I was wandering around exploring.
When leaving the room to go back and find the stone, I am kept from continuing because the strone wont budge. Game over. Maybe a sign warning you cant come back out OR the game not allowing you to go into the room until you have the stone.
Good game by the way. I dont like as you fight that you dont have as much control over your movements, you tend to twist and suddenly face away from the enemy even if you havent been hit and you cant stand in one spot and fight, you constantly move forward instead.
The words drift off page to the right.
Thanks for the feedback. I'm still working on the combat system it is a little annoying. And I'll look into that little problem with the stone. Thanks again for trying the demo and leaving feedback.
Great demo. Played it up to talking to the shaman part.

1. The new game text is to the far right. Don't know if it was meant to be that way but it felt like an error.
2. The animation on the top right when you switch maps, you should really think of reducing its size of making last for a shorter time or a combination of both. It really clutters up the screen a lot and is very distracting, have to wait till the whole thing is over before moving on.
3. What is the purpose of the save crystal. I can save anywhere I want from the menu, more over the crystal has no additional effect (for example replenishing hp) whatsoever.

Just a feedback. Don't need to change anything if you don't want to, it is your game.
1.I'm aware of the title screen text error, I'm still figuring that one out.

2. I'm thinking of changing that as it is rather annoying after awhile.

3. The save thing was intentional. I'm trying to figure out if I want save points in the game, or to be able to save anywhere so I included both options in the demo. Any feedback or suggestions on which save method I should use would be great.

Like I said, the game is still in early stages, I've only been working on it for 2 months now so all feedback is much appreciated.
Thanks for trying out the demo and taking the time to give feedback.
Ok when in Port Town and you get the key for the underground passage to the guard house, you cant go up the stairs. If you arent careful and have moved the crates a certain way, you cant go make your way back. You are stuck. If there had been a clue that the stairs werent accessible, it would be easy just to save just before so you might be more careful. It is reasonable to assume that once you got the gun powder up the stairs were the next place to go.
I suppose I should have remembered the problem with the sacred stone in my earlier post, but there was no indication that the stairs right next to me would not be accessible. I am going to have to back track to my earlier save. Maybe you ought to put a save point point at areas where you might not be able to return.
Maybe I should work on that room so you can't block your exit. Thanks again for the feedback, it's much appreciated. I've fixed the battle system so you no longer move while attacking and afew other little fixes. I will release an updated demo with even more gameplay soon.
Maybe I should work on that room so you can't block your exit. Thanks again for the feedback, it's much appreciated. I've fixed the battle system so you no longer move while attacking and afew other little fixes. I will release an updated demo with even more gameplay soon.
Maybe I should work on that room so you can't block your exit. Thanks again for the feedback, it's much appreciated. I've fixed the battle system so you no longer move while attacking and afew other little fixes. I will release an updated demo with even more gameplay soon.

Great! I will wait until then....hopefully my save file will allow me to get out of the room again.
When the next release comes out, how much more of the game will be left at the point I am at in the Port?
Played up to the maze:
1. Saves. What I would prefer is the custom save-anywhere so I can play it for short bursts of play. But if saves are only available at save crystals that does give your game more depth, more strategy to think about.

Separate crystals for saves and heals could work but up till what I have played was completely unnecessary, and I think you would be better off with a one save+heal crystal, then if you could make the anywhere save a quick save(save file is deleted upon loading) then you have both depth and a way to play for short bursts.

2.Door+switch+crates puzzle (i believe the one in the 3rd room after the dodging moving rocks room). There is a text event that goes, a door has opened (or soemthing similar), upon hurling a rock onto a switch. The player cannot see the door form where he is at. Play the SE of a moving door (or something similar) and make the text more like,the noise of something moving (or something similar).

Bye (or something similar ;)
@ RoyThe current demo ends after the mine, so you're almost there. I will probably add about 2 more hours onto the next demo as well as some more features and side quests.

@ SaitenHazard.

I really like your ideas. The quick save feature would be cool... If I can work out how to do it. I know what you mean about seperate crystals, abit pointless. I'll just make them one.

I like the idea about the door too. I'll do it right now in fact ;)

Thanks for feedback guys.
If you like my ideas then here is one more.

Ditch the crystal sprite and use a log book sprite. Makes more sense to the pirate theme. Ace rtp has a book sprite and if you don't like it you could easily find something you like by googling. If you want you can even make the text go something like, write log book , when the player interacts with the log book.

By the way, the new game text error, see if there is any spaces before new game in the database-terms section.

Competed the maze.

Think you would be better off without the shadows in the maze.
Just a heads up, the mushrooms in the maze have a priority level greater then the player, although it was probably intentional as it make a great effect.
Another good idea, I like it:)
I'll have a look at the new game thing, thanks for the tip. The mushrooms weren't intentional, must have just forgot to change passabilty. Cheers again.
The tiny flames (the ones that don't spit out projectiles) in the secret cave flickers when the player tries to interact with it, for split second orange flames can be seen.

And since you have been taking my feedback so well here is one I have been putting off, the circles that warp players to another map, are they really necessary. Your mapping skills are great and where the player can go and cannot are easy to understand, just remove the sprites on the warps.
played till the harbor

Place the stone upon the alter shake
1. Shake less
2. Frequency more
3. Rumbling sound
4. A few stones falling down if applicable, short duration
5. Chest appear out of know where, odd, just use item sprite, still bit odd, better just text 'found a key appeared from under the alter'

Flame projectiles
1. Rooms with multiple flame projectiles, flames start and finish at the same time, change that, you could even make all of it a bit random
2. SE of flames, decrease a lot, make less annoying and confusing when the map does not show the flames

Quest Journal
1. Ticks instead of changing text color, a lot better if applicable

1. Deck door, there is clearly a wall behind it when door sprite moves, just make it black square
2. the stair in the lowest floor, not really a stare, just put bottom half sprite of a rope, and use the top half of rope on the other end, other end-just put the rope sprite over black sqaure
3. Sleep event, twinkies and dust clouds, frankly awful, use an npc to triggure event if necessart, 'you must be tired, want to go to bed
4. After awake, zz bubble, sprite obviously wide awake and standing, empty map, zz bubble appropriate place, switch back to player

Explored port town,
2. Flurry blade description text chopped
3. Weapon store, sword-man sprite too fast, seems unnatural
4. The town has both a merchant and shops. why?
Quite alot of feedback. That's good, some of the things you pointed out I've already fixed but there's afew there I've missed so thanks for pointing them out.
Hey....hurry up with some more!
Don't worry there's plenty more:) just polishing off some stuff and fixing afew things. I will hopefully have the new demo up in afew days.
And the save files...will they be transferable?
1. Harbor town south, mushrooms same issue
2. Secret passage exit, appears wrong place

1. Turn without moving
2. Mine clear, npc exclamation bubble, make him turn north as well
3. If miners were stuck, more miners should be near the entrance initially, you won’t stay deep inside a cave if you were stuck, some npc miner text should suggest that they were or are afraid, everyone is so calm
@ Roy
if I can find out how to do it I'll make it transferrable.

@ saitenhazard
The miners aren't stuck in the mine... They can't get in.
Do you mean have the player turn without moving?
Thanks for bring everything to my attention, I have fixed most issues now.
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