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Breath of Fire 0 is a tribute to Capcom's classic RPG series. With several elements from each installment in the series, it doesn't aim to take place in the continuity of the franchise but to pay homage to it by presenting old plot devices with new twists to them.

Why the 8-bit aesthetic?
It is easier for the developer to deal with, and it aims to shift focus from the graphics to the gameplay. And since it's never been done in the franchise before, it's an effort toward adding something new to the series without attempting to outshine those games on this point.

Why use RM2k and not a newer engine?
It is only logical that an oldschool game should run on an oldschool engine. The developer also wishes to complete a project with this engine before moving to another.

Tell me more!
* 8 party members of different traditional BoF clan, including one character from a race that's never had a playable character before.
* No random encounters on the overworld map!
* Reunite nations and learn the truth about the war ten years ago.
* Search for the elder dragons and receive their magic.
* Graphics and sound effects adapted from the NES Final Fantasies, Dragon Quests, Battle of Olympus and many others for that genuine oldschool experience.

When is it coming out?
Currently the first few hours are playable, but there's too much yet to be done to announce an estimated date of arrival. The project has been on-again-off-again since early 2008, so it's no stranger to delays.

Latest Blog

August 2014 blog - a question for subscribers

Hello everybody! First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to everybody who has downloaded and/or subscribed. Your support is appreciated, and your feedback is always welcome.

As we're entering mid-August, summer vacations are over and all schools and regular jobs are back in session. It follows that I will go back to the regular routines and will not have as much time to dedicate to this project. I will not take a one year hiatus again, this shall not be a summer project. But in all likelihood, progress will slow down, and blog updates will be more infrequent than once a month.

Since the current demo, I have finalized two towns and one dungeon. Lots of dialog, lots of exposition, lots of scripting to make it work. I am about to start with another town and another dungeon, both of which will require disproportionate scripting for plot reasons. I'm looking forward to it, as it will bring us into the meat of the second act.

Once this new area is completed, I may feel compelled to upload a new demo that includes it. You should be able to use your old save files and continue with the new content without having to start all over. However, I have a question: Is it enough?

Between the first demo and the current one, in terms of plot progression, two dungeons and three towns were added. Is that enough to get you playing again? If you beat the current demo, would you rather have two more dungeons every few months, or would you rather wait over half a year so that the new arc be finished?

Regardless, the cevelopment cycle would be the same and take as long. I just don't know if regularly updated demos would keep people's interest in the project alive or if it would be annoying to be teased by an incomplete story arc.

If you have any comments of suggestions, post them here.

Also, I would like to point out that there's a new page on the top bar called Music! because new MIDIs based on the SNES Breath of Fire games have been made for this project. Check them out if you like, you're free to use them in your projects.


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I'm a dog pirate
8 Bit is always charming! I'd like to see a few more details and tighter interiors from the maps, but they aren't terrible by any stretch of the imagination.
Looks awesome. Ive seen a couple failed BOF attempts on here. You seem to be serious about it though. So good luck, and subbed.
Breath of Fire is on the Super-nes version. I like dragon projects do you need any assistance?
Breath of Fire is on the Super-nes version. I like dragon projects do you need any assistance?

What I need is people willing to play the game and give feedback. Having an audience inspires me and helps direct my attention to things I can do to make the game better. Other than that, I have just about everything I need to make the game, except the time to actually put the work in.
Do spells like BLIND wear off or do they need removing at an inn?
Can you stack things like Ryu's STRENGTHEN spell?
So far enjoying the game.
At what level is FOREST OF DESPERATION even tryable? Id like to go in and win at least one battle and go out and save/heal and go back in.
Blind can be cured by Eye Drops. I am considering making it wear of after each battle.
Buffs stack.

You will be forced to go through the Forest of Despair to progress the game at one point, and I would not recommend going there at all before that. But if you wanna win just one battle, maybe around level 10?
I knew Eye Drops were for blindness but you mentioned you might make it wear off after battle....the same for paralysis etc too I hope.
I noticed if someone isnt in the party they dont level up...is that normal since it usually doesnt matter, everyone levels up whether they are in the queue or not.
In what games do non-active party members gain exp? What's your baseline for comparison? OK, in Breath of Fire 1 & 4 they do, but in 2 & 3 they don't. I don't think I could even change how it works now in RM2000, and I honestly don't want to. That's how it was in the olden days, you gotta rotate your party to keep everyone at an even level in case one is more effective against the next boss.
In several games and although at the moment the titles dont come to mind. But in any case, it was an observation only. Plus, of course its your game and if you dont want to that is fine.

I have the COWL and the ROYAL RING but didnt catch where I need to go next.
I have the COWL and the ROYAL RING but didnt catch where I need to go next.

SimaFort. The north exit in eastern TagWoods.
Thanks! Now I have just gotten my claws refixed by the blacksmith but out side...camden? Is a boulder but it wont budge.

Isnt that the road Rapholan or whatever its name is?
Damn....duhhhhhhh. Sorry. It is a bit difficult to keep things straight.
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