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Descriptions by LusterMX and Deckiller.

Chapter 1
The chain game begins with the treasure loving explorer, Gita, when a mysterious shadow figure appears to unravel an unexpected quest that Gita must involuntarily partake in.
By Despain

Chapter 2
This chapter begins straight after Gita escapes the Temple of the Sands. A group of shadow monsters now await to munch up our new hero as she travels through the forest on her new quest.
By Clord

Chapter 3
The quest now further unfolds as Gita learns more about the mysterious four songs and in her awakens the Memory Song of the Sands. A place to rest is discovered by a new friend, Saki, the clean freak: Market Town. It is the central hub where each of the following chapters will make the team repeatedly revisit the area. The shop keepers in this chapter require your help, should you decide to help them - it's up to you!
By Hesufo

Chapter 4
It's time to play host at an upcoming party in the Inn of Market Town. There is however one problem - There's no wine! In this chapter you meet a new character Khuulmaar whose dream it is to become the most evil lord in history. Perhaps the so-called Eric the Silver Reaper can help him? Explore a house that was designed with a rather unique twist!
By Espon

Chapter 5
After successfully getting out of the Inverse Building - but with no luck getting wine because you destroyed it all) - you are welcomed to a hidden building in Market Town: the Mercenary's Guild! It's great here - you even get arrested for attending! Intrigue escalates between some of the guild's leaders, with a certain mysterious character from previous chapters seemingly playing a role in the drama. At the jail, you'll meet an evil guy, Jainko, whose dream is to be a good guy by swearing to never kill.
By Zetu

Chapter 6
Just before escaping the jail, a familiar face greets you. As a reward for beating this guy, you are cursed with "the ugly." Curing it is a must; maybe a song can cure it? Remember those? On your way out of the Jail, you'll pick up a beauty-obsessed character named Verdant.
By EvanG

Chapter 7
After finding what is supposedly the Memory Song of Water from a perky mercenary named Serena, the party is cured of their ugly looks and sets forth to find another relic: the Great Song of the Leaf. An intricate temple stands in the way! Is this related to the Memory Songs in some way? Meanwhile, the Shadowy Being also reveals some of his intentions. And Serena has a rather odd streak, too...
By LusterMX

Chapter 8
With the help of a certain member of the Mercenary's Guild, the party is back on their Song-fetching quest! Find the Song of Snow in Snowman's Land to the south. It's a land of Mystics that has been screwed over by a certain antagonist. You'll also meet two critical characters: a marginalized, mild mannered mystic named Eina; and...the character we've all been waiting to meet.
By Seacliff

Chapter 9
The Second Memory Song is finally in the party's grasp! Explore the swamps to the north, engage in an action-packed battle with an increasingly dangerous antagonist, and seize the Memory Song of Fire! But there's a storm brewing...
By Valkill101

Chapter 10
With two of the four Memory Songs in the party's grasp, pressure is starting to mount. Several characters are after the Songs: who can we trust? Seize the Song of the Tempest: combine it with the Song of Snow to make the True Memory Song of Water, and combine it with the Great Song of the Leaf to form the Memory Song of Wind. But to get the Song of the Tempest, you have to travel to the Island of the Tempest, which will require a special item buried under the Mercenary's Guild...
By Deckiller

Chapter 11
Everything converges on Tempest Island as the protagonists look for answers, while the antagonists look to seize the Songs for their own selfish desires. Things wrap up at breakneck pace as a long-lost character makes his triumphant return!
By Zeuzio and Deckiller


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