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@ Active Forums and Downloads can be found here: www.crestfallen.us
@ Check the Forums for the unbelievable list of theories that have been circulated for the past 4 years.
@ Also when starting games, There are four options. It is recommended to play the game Normally, starting from Episode 1 with plunge and battle cheats off.
@ HUGE Walkthrough by Jabbo
@ This download is just for Episode One, look for other entries for other episodes.
@ EP 2 gets MUCHx3 better.

The Way, created over a 4-year period, is an epic tale that spans six episodes and contains a
minimum of 20 hours of gameplay. It is highly cinematic for a 2D RPG with hundreds of carefully
scripted cut scenes that progress the story. Don't expect to see characters standing around just yammering; The Way's cut scenes emphasize action and make use of a wide range of brilliant
special effects and animations.

-It's a complete, finished game (divided into 6 episodes)
-won Game of the Year at the 2003 and 2004 Misao Awards (episodes 4 and 5 were released in 2004)
-winner of over 25 different Misao Awards
-20+ mini-games
-A one-on-one dueling system
-Branching storyline dependent on player's choices
-3 different endings
-Hundreds of action packed cut scenes
-Hundreds of character animations
-Over 50 unique faces with lots of different expressions
-Hundreds of custom character graphics
-20+ optional side quests
-Unique XL magic system
-Unique Aura system for attack and defense
-Hundreds of secret items

As you wander the way, you will face many choices of what to do or say at certain junctures. These decisions, in total, will have far reaching effects and perceptibly alter certain events as the game progresses and culminates in 3 different endings.

The Way is a game of many mysteries and many secrets. The curious and clever will both reap great rewards.

The Way is a game that allows players to play the way they want. Don't be confused, it's really quite simple: Both puzzles and battles can be turned on or off at any save point in the game. When battles are off, players can instantly defeat any foes they come across. Thus, they can quickly build levels if they so wish. The only catch is that skipping certain battles and
puzzles prevents some special bonuses from being bestowed.

The Way features many custom graphics, including a plethora of facesets. The hero, Rhue, has nearly 50 different expressions, making him one of the most expressive heroes in RPG history. While the style used in The Way is similar to Rm2k's default graphics, the majority of the graphics are original works. Most notably, The Way makes use of lush environments rendered in Bryce 3D. If you think most Rm2k games look the same, it's time to look again. There is nothing quite like The Way.

In The Way, rivals often duke it out in a one-on-one duel. Participating in such a duel is known as "taking the plunge." The Plunge operates on a distinct set of attributes and skills, which the player can improve in many ways to create the perfect warrior. There's much to be won and lost by taking the plunge, whether the battle rages in a quiet valley or with a wild
fan-packed arena, complete with a roaring crowd and sensational entrances.

You will never find yourself equipping new armor or a new sword in The Way, at least not in the typical sense. Instead, The Way uses auras to help players improve their attack and defensive powers. By defeating foes with various aura's "equipped" you will improve an aura's stats and learn new specialized skills. Additionally, players who find out which aura an enemy is weak to will be able to cause extra damage.

The Notch System is another way to increase abilities in The Way. During the course of the game, players will come across items which can be set into a notch on the hero's sword. By absorbing these items, the hero will acquire new skills and increase various attributes. Absorption is accomplished by defeating foes and gaining specialized points. Given the number of notch items in the game, it is largely the player's decision as to what skills or attributes they want to increase.

2003 Misao Awards: The Way (Episodes 1-3)
-Best game of the year
-Best Dungeons
-Best Individual Character - Rhue

2004 Misao Awards: The Way (Episodes 4-5)
Best game of the year
Best cast
Best CMS
Best character
Best graphics
Best dialogue
Best game series
Best minigame, 2004
Best music, 2004
Best plot, 2004
Best coded game
Best villain
Best supporting character
Most mysterious character
Most technically advanced game

2005 Misao Awards: The Way (Episode 6)
-Most promising story
-Darkest story
-Most dramatic way
-Best opening sequence
-Best non-clichéd game
-Best pacing game
-Best dialogue
-Game that Best Plays with Your Emotions
-Best story, 2005
-Most mysterious character

The Way follows the story of Rhue of Landorin, a young wanderer on a quest to regain a piece of his past. He's been searching the Way for many years already as Episode 1 begins. With his hopes diminishing further and further each day, he is setting a frantic pace for himself, desperate for a simple clue that might help guide him to that which he lost so many years ago. However, his situation and that of many others is about to become quite deadly as a shadow killer begins a murderous spree of destruction along the Way.

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I should really advise you, The Way is a story based game, not an action based type, finding a walkthrough for it is a waste of time, and it also ruins the story, use it on your secon or thir time playing, but I very strongly advise not to use it on your first go.
Luke Wacholtz is so talented!
There are multiple endings to this game, just so you know.
There is actually also a mini ending change, if you look at the painting done by Kloe done in the earlier episodes, you get a sort cutscene at the end.
Pues decido poner mi reviw aqui de las 6 partes que componen este juego llamado "the way"

Estoy todavia indeciso si recomendar este juego o no y esto debido a que tiene partes muy buenas y otras terribles asi quemejor pondre lo que considero bueon y malo deljuego y dejare que ustedes decidan.

Lo bueno:

- Buena historia inicial/media. Con esto quiero decir que del episodio 1 al 5 la historia es entretenida, (bueno, nomas un poco lenta al principio) pero la variedad de personajes que influyen con el personaje principal tienen su misterios y formas de ser que los hacen interesantes por lo que puedes esperar dialogos buenos.
- El principal digamos que la arma, ya que tiene un solo objetivo durante todo el juego y no se detiene ante nada ni nadie para alcanzarlo asi tenga que ayudar a gente que ni conocoe con quest que in al caso (paraque le den informacion) hasta como matar a cuanto ser le impida el paso.
- Algo que hace muy fuerte lo adictivo a este juego es el plot de como se desenvuelve la historia (sobre todo de los capitulos 3 a 5)

Lo leve

- Combate. hay 2 tipos de combate,uno es el tradcional rpg encounter con monstruos que vez en el mapa (monstrios de frente, tus personajes no se ven. (A la dragon quest) y otra la plunga (bueno mas bien, Plunge) este puede parecer inovador ya que es un duelo de espadas 1 a 1 al estilo ninja (correr, brincar y en el aire intercambiar un ataque) Tienes 3 atakes principales a escoger siendo un piedra, papel o tijeras (el primero es fuerte contra el segundo, el segondo contra el tercero y el tercero contra el primero) poco mas adelante te agregan algunas variables pero realmente todo gira en torno a los 3 ataques iniciales. Algo digno de agregar es que el juego no explica muy bien esas variables por lo que hay que expirimentar un poco)
- Musica. Trivial, y es que como son midis no nos podemos poner exigentes cuando hablamos de midis, algunas rolas quedan bien pero otras edfinitivamente no.
Graficos- Los graficos, al menos a mi, no me interesan, pero por dar a conocer dire que estan leves son tomados en su mayoria por los defaults de una de las versiones del rpgmaker.
- Opciones del juego. Con esto me refiero a que en cualquier save point puedes "apagar las peleas y puzzles" (o sea no entrar en combate y auto ganar) esto para aquellos que solo les interesa la historia. Debo decir que esto resulto util en el ultimo episodio ya que como veran mas delante, no tiene caso perder el tiempo.

Lo malo

-Pretextos para unirse. Que es esto? bueno con esto me refiero a como los personajes se unen a la party. Se que normalmente nadie hace mencion de esto pero este juego si lo merece ya que los motivos por lo que se unen algunos (no todos) los personjaes son realmente malas. Pro ejemplo: "Oh si a donde vas?". "Ah voy para aya". "Oh venga! vamos juntos" Y ya se te unio a la party nomas porque si, y lo peor es que a los 15 minutos ya se tratan 2 desconocidos como amigos de toda la vida aguantando paros que solo a los mas grandes amigos les harias.
- Plot. De nuevo? si y es que el plot de el ultimo episodio es lo que hecha a perder el juego. El creador o creadores de este juego a fuerzas querian meter escenas de una obra de teatro y de un juicio y estando en el ulitmo episodio a punto de desenvolverse todos los misterios.... pum! el heroe de la nada cierra los ojos y esta en un pueblo y hace su mendiga obra de teatro y luego un juicio. Que demonios? No se poque hizo eso el creador pero la rego horriblemente al haber puesto eso.
- Final.- El final es una decepcion inmensa ya que nada de los misterios que nos mantuvieron intrigados durante la saga son respondidos. Me da la finta de que el creador no se le ocurrio nada y dejo morir el juego. En lugar de explicar cada uno de los pasados de lospersonajes y dar una respuesta a la quest del principal, el creador nos da un final de esos que suele haber en algunos animes sangrones de "ah! que crees? pues resulta que no era asi y que dijo mi mama que siempre no y pues te lo dejo a tu imaginacion"


A mi me gusta que se explique todo bien y no que salgan con estas mermas, de hecho da tanto coraje que, es mas, no recomiendo este juego, a menos que seas de esos que les guste "imaginar que habra pasado" (como en esos animes)

podria escribir mas cosas pero ya me fastidie.

Le doy al juego 2 de 5 estrellas y eso porque si me mantuvo interesado del capitulo 3 a 5, el 6 hecho todo a perder.
When Renly got killed in Game of Thrones, my first thought was, "oh shit, the phantom slasher!"
this game is the RPG games all about, I respect and appreciate the maker of this game
I love this game so much. first time I played it, I was like OMG I think... I'm in love <3 highly recommended X3 and enjoy.
Just a heads up for anyone downloading The Way in 2019:

When using the installer for "The Way", make sure to install the game in a directory that's away from Window's core system folders such as Program Files(x86) or the Desktop folder, otherwise your save file, which you need to use to carry other to other episodes, will be placed in:

C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\The Way\Episode1

The reason why this is happens is because:

To summarize, the hidden VirtualStore folder is part of the virtualization technology that was introduced in Windows Vista. This was intended as a compatibility feature to allow old programs to continue working when using User Account Control and running as a Standard User. It is surprising that you are encountering problems seven years later. This was a temporary fix intended to be removed in some later release of Windows.

..So yeah, just make sure to the install the game in a separate folder away from the desktop.

Something like C:\Users\User\Desktop\Rpgmaker Games\The Way\

should be fine.
Featured game! Cool! This was one of the first games I played and really deserves the award (even if 2nd and 4th are my favourite episodes... by the way I shall soon post the final, 6th episode review)
Finally got featured, this is the way.
(my post didnt show up correctly oops)

but still nice to see!
A game well deserving to be on the featured games list. This game by far has the best story i've experienced from all sources of media (games, tv, movies, etc)
This game takes me back to high school. Going to replay for the nostalgia of it all.
The FONT are so bad i can barely read the text doesnt matter if the story is good or not if i cant freaking read half of the dialouge
Someone needs the rm2k font patch
I want to find a sure proof way to fix this.
when I was fooling around with the Vesablor stuff earlier this year, reinstalling rm2k font deleted my text. I had to use a restore point to fix it If anyone finds the definitive RM2k font installer, let us know, and we'll just point them to that immediately, from now on - like, i know this stuff is old and we already have it. but there's so many of them now from different communities. (french, german, spanish, english etc) it's hard to tell which one to use. It'd be cool to just get this out of the way so we can point them to it.
the rm2k font patch doesnt work for in game stuff(only work for title screen and anything up to the plunge normal)
Guardian of the Description Thread
The font patch only applies to the title screen? That's... odd.
so basically almost unplayable so sadly gonna be postponing this series for the time being
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