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Carson D. Noble (Default Name) returns home to Japan after three years living in England in a mental hospital. The reason why she was put there remains to be unseen. It is later questioned whether or not her father is the cause of this unfortunate mishap. But now that Carson's released, will she be put back into it again?

MJ, a deceased friend from the mental hospital in the form of a ghost continues to haunt her and follow her until Carson dies. Carson is now forced to different unknown realms, being chased by ghosts, every time she goes to sleep. Now, the only one that could help her survive through these nightmares is the top student of the school: Seiji, also known as the rudest guy in school. Along with the unrequited support from her childhood friend, Kohaku, will they be able to stop MJ from haunting Carson? Or will they fail, letting MJ drag Carson to death’s doorstep?

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subbed ,now bring on the download :D
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