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Extraterrestrial Grail is a free, off-line, single-player, turn-based strategy/board game in which you play against 1-3 computer players. Extraterrestrial Grail takes place in outer space in which you are an alien searching for the Grail. Only one player gets the Grail at the beginning of the game, so the other aliens must find out where it is by fighting each other and searching planets for it. The object of the game is to have the Grail card in your hand when time runs out. This video game was inspired by the board game in the book Interstellar Pig, written by William Sleator.


- choose between 8 unique aliens with different special abilities!
- choose from 25+ attribute cards which include ray guns, viruses, teleportation devices, and much more!
- create your own custom deck of attribute cards to play with in-game!
- learn how to play Extraterrestrial Grail using the in-game beginner's tutorial



System Requirements:
- Windows (XP/Vista/7/8)

Latest Blog

Extraterrestrial Grail version has been released!

Extraterrestrial Grail version has been released!

Listed below are the changes in this version:

* added additional tooltips throughout the game
* fixed tab order throughout the game
* enforced the rule that only one alien can be in the fifth dimension at a time
* fixed issue with buttons being enabled for the user after dying
* updated Extraterrestrial Grail website link to use https instead of http
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GAHH!My love of board games...It is too strong. Man this game looks good.

Thanks! I love board and card games as well. You should try playing it and let me know what you think! :)
This doesn't look too bad.
I find the interface hard to get around with. It's hard to know whether it's your turn exactly, hard to remember even what your character was, hard to grasp the made-up alien names - and thus hard to get around with. I literally cannot keep them apart.

It's a little bit odd to basically just have the time run out on you.
But it seems that there is more tactical thinking required to distribute the cards properly among players and characters and use them well.
Without some experience I can't think that you will be able to do much with this.

And please, please change the music - it's exhausting .. but hey, you can just turn it off I think.
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