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Concept Game, you say?
Say that, we do. The game is fairly short, as it's an experimental thing we're trying out and we didn't want to get an incredibly in-depth or complex story, so we've stuck with a simple story for the time for the sake of getting the idea built and completed first.

There's no combat in the game at all and has limited interactivity. It's a psuedo-animated graphic novel with a touch more life than your average on-paper versions.
Since we're making it in VXA (instead of Flash or something), we decided to take advantage of the "gameplay" element we have, and introduce interactivity into it via a "Choose your Own Adventure" style of storytelling. Rather than just read a linear comic from start to finish, the comic panels are split up into brief "chapters", between which you can control the Redhead as a sprite and direct her to choose which path to take to continue the story.

Choose our own Adventure?
Sort of, yes. A number of paths do lead to Game Overs, and there is only one good ending; however there are multiple paths that can be taken to reach all of these endings. It's really more about bringing the player into the story more, and giving you the option to take another path, and let it feel more interactive than simply reading a graphic novel.

Your Comic Panels are crap!
Yeah well, screw you. My digital art isn't fantastic, but this is more about playing with mixed mediums and trying to get a fun concept game on the go, rather than about stellar artwork. Once this project is completed we'll decide if we want to make the next "issue" as it were, and will look into tarting things up a bit more since we'll have the power of hindsight and previous experience with the concept.

Although let it be said that comic panels shown here (or in demos/media) are not necessarily final versions. Changes may be implemented to the artwork at any time, and once all the panels are completed I'll be going over them all again to try and polish them up more.

Your Maps are crap!
Yes, yes they are. We're making this RTP free so that the music and tileset graphics can suit the comic style as much as possible (to avoid a jarring visual shift between sections) but to be perfectly honest, the maps aren't a huge priority right now. They're brief and take a lot less time to make than the music or comic panels, so they've been left fairly "placeholder"ish for the time being.

They are, however, by no means final. They will be getting added to over time to try and sex them up a bit.

Latest Blog

RSW Event & game name decided!

Firstly, the game has finally been named as Eclipse! Only took about a month to decide on a name! :D

Anyhoo, the RSW event that everyone's going on about!

Submission 1 is a Demo of Chapter 1 (<5mins play time) with the Intro and first decision of the game:

Submission 2 is just some artwork for the game for the various baddies and the Redhead:

Just copying the links here so I can link this blog in the RSW page, as it's been suggested that doing so helps ensure that everyone's projects are accounted for :)


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This is my first comment I've written on this site within the year I've had an account. I had to say something.

The art looks stylish as hell and I love the concept. Does it have saves? And you should sooooo make more episodes after this. This looks awesome!
Was Built From Pixels Up
Glad you like the look of it :)

There will be no saves since the storyline (of this game) is pretty short and there are choices that direct/change the game immediately; we looked into other ways to continue the game if you die, but we couldn't think of a better way to "retry", and saves just didn't feel like they'd make enough impact.

Once this issue/episode has been finished we're going to decide what to do next. If it feels like it's a success, we'll refine and continue the story and gameplay elements with the intention of improving it :)
Absolutely lovin' the music/sfx.

Thanx. Wait until you hear what I have in store for the rest of the game :)
I just tried the RSW demo.
There's not much to say except that its very stylish and cool. I'll be looking forward for more.
Also, what the hell?! No subscribers at all? Is this a glitch in the matrix? Whatever. I'll be #1.
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