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You are in purgatory. All you know is that you need to get out, and fast. You try and find your way out, stumbling everywhere as you try to carry on, and you find a key. Upon finding the key, you realize all you need to do is find the rest, and you will be able to leave, finally. However, you soon realize... that it isn't as easy as it may seem.


10 keys to find that randomly generate in 30 different locations.
13 different locations for the exit door to be randomly placed.
9 different locations for the happy face to randomly appear.
9 different locations (once again, chosen randomly) for you to start your journey.
4 different difficulty modes (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane).
2 possible endings (depending on the difficulty).
First person, DOOM-style dungeon crawling!
1 huge map to explore.
A few songs to keep you busy!


Up Arrow - Step forwards
Down Arrow - Step backwards
Left Arrow - Turn left
Right Arrow - Turn right
Q Key - Step left
W Key - Step right
Spacebar/Enter Key - Interact
Esc Key/Num 0 - Access Menu

~How To Play~

You are being chased by a giant happy face, and you must collect 10 keys and leave through the door to escape. If you are touched by the face, you must work out a puzzle to get back to the game (depending on what difficulty level you are on). Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The keys, doors, enemy, and even you, are all generated in a vast amount of random locations all around a huge map. Good luck!

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I'm a dog pirate
This is...surreal.
Dream big, expect nothing
This is...surreal.

What exactly do you mean by that? xD
My name's Toby. Yeh... Yeah.. YEAH!!!!
LOL chased by a big smiley happy face. Ima download.
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