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Please, if you have version 1.09, you must download VERSION 1.10 that fixes a bug that prevents progress through the game.

VERSION 1.10: MAY 10 - 2013



- Title: Autopsy: The Seventh Corpse
- Engine: RPG MAKER XP
- Genre: Survival Horror
- Language: English, Spanish
- Number of Players: 1
- Duration: 6 to 8 hours
- Four alternative endings
- Download Here: http://septimocadaver.blogspot.com/p/descarga-el-juego.html


You are Richard, a forensic about 35 years. You are alone, obsessive and asthmatic.

You wake up in a cold room and immediately a crazy idea related with one "Seventh Corpse" goes through your mind. Something tells you to find out who is, you have to collect blood samples of all the bodies that you find.

After exploring the area, you realize that you are in a gigantic underground ruins and you have not the faintest idea how you got there. The last thing that you remember was that you practiced an autopsy not one, but many corpses and you felt alone, upset and distressed.

How did you get there? Who is the seventh corpse? Start a story of horror and suspense that involving corpses, unknown creatures, ancient ruins and a forensic obsessive that will have to choose between two options: survive at all costs, or die and take all his questions to hell.


- Files folder to save the important notes, maps and papers.
- Rowing on boats
- To Swim
- Many puzzles, riddles and secrets
- No battles. This is a survival game. Your main enemy will be your disease: asthma and the environment around you.
- Lighting system: torches, lighters, lamps and matches.
- Objects bank (Script)
- Oxygen and anxiety system: If you are long time in the dark, you will begin to get anxious and you will can die.
- Many creatures.
- Lockpicks system to open chests
- System for making plumbing tools , carpentry tools and survival items.



Age: 35
Fear: Death
Profession: Forensic
Richard is a dedicated and hard working man. He is lonely and He has few friends. He is very obsessive about certain topics that you are passionate as reincarnation, eternal life, philosophy and religion. He is very intellectual and loves to read books which can learn a lot. His main difficulties are his shyness with women and the disease that has accompanied much of his life: asthma.

Kraia Hill:

Age: 34
Greatest Fear: The failure
Profession: Biologist

Adam López:

Age: 31
Greatest Fear: Solitude
Profession: Laboratory Assistant

Tom Carter:

Age: 36
Greatest Fear Suffering
Profesion: Research Scientist

Teaser Trailer:


Created by: Stiven202
Faces and Characters: Rumaki and Christian André
Special Thanks: Francisco Javier

Latest Blog

Autopsy: The Seventh Corpse New Version 1.10 Download now!

This version fix some bugs.

- Bath Tileset:

The character can go through the walls (fixed)
  • Completed
  • stiven202
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure
  • 04/28/2013 09:52 PM
  • 10/12/2016 01:31 AM
  • 04/12/2013
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Pages: 1
Wow, It's great game. I would love to play/ let's play this game as well. : ))
I also really like how you incorporated the idea of the protagonist having a life ailment/ asthma. It's very creative! A lot of the little details are really nice.
Notes as I play (as far as I played, which is not much because…well XD)
-Writing is really odd, I gather it’s because eof lack of a good English dominion?
-There’s no need to make a credit intro so long if it’s basically two people, mentioned ten times XD
-And now a title screen again after credits? This goes on for too long :<
-Well, a note says time is running BUT I SURE AINT, BABY! Because I seem to walk as slowly as I can manage :/ (oh wait the run button was Q. Wtf?)
-…What the heck is a “double door”?

I can’t play these sorts of games, I’m too chicken. XD
I’m terribly sorry, it was promising, but I’m just WAY WAY too wimpy for terror games. After the first scare I closed the game like the coward I am ;A;
Evaluation: Shaky translation aside, it was pretty good (as long as it lasted). Sound and ambience (and lighting) were pretty well done. Mappign, not so much. Too many open spaces and mismatching graphics. Nothing glaringly bad, but not that good either.
Controls were a bit confusing. Too many keys doing too many thigns, and theyre bound somewhat awardsly in the keyboard (run with Q and the main buttons on C/X? whaaat).
Anwyay, I hope someone with more courage to play this game than me comes along to give it a better feedback (and actually manage to play it, which is a pity sicne it looks good).
I’m sorry, I tried, but I’m just not made for this. On the plus side, the first scare most DEFINITELY got to me, so if the rest fot he game is like that it’s probably a pretty good game, I guess XD
I'm having major issues with the download, it keeps redirecting me to video sharing sites and isn't downloading the game for me...I really want to play this.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
hmm it does go to a video sharing site lol...
irony i happen to be playing his other game right now :3
but the last update was mid 2013 doubt even has game anymore
hmm it does go to a video sharing site lol...
irony i happen to be playing his other game right now :3
but the last update was mid 2013 doubt even has game anymore

Do you have it by any chance? Dunno if he'd mind you reuploading it somewhere though.
Don't make duplicate accounts in order to review your own game, guys!
Hello everyone.

My new horror game Black Winter is coming

Why would you make your preview trailer private? That makes no sense!
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