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The current demo for Seasons for Seasons includes the following Roles. The Duelist and Pugilist Roles are given to the player. All remaining Roles must be sought out from Masters who teach the skill.


Equips: Swords
Duelists focus on attacking a single enemy with multiple strikes. Duelists also gain a good amount of Vitality while also increasing Health and Evasion.


Equips: Knuckles
Pugilists do multiple strikes to random enemies. For instance, using the Pugilist skill One Two Punch could strike the same enemy twice or two separate enemies.
Pugilists gain a good amount of Health, while also increasing Vitality.


Equips: Knives
Herbalists cure and remove status ailments from allies. While they are weaker than Duelists and Pugilists, their restorative abilities are essential for survival. Herbalists gain a good amount of Wisdom, while also increasing Health slightly.


Equips: Dice
Gamblers leave their success to luck. The Dice skill rolls a six-sided die and attacks up to six times.
Gamblers gain a good amount of Dexterity, while also increasing Health, Vitality and Evasion slightly.


Equips: Cards
The Cartomancer uses Deal skills to select a skill randomly from the deck. For instance, a single Deal skill can attack an enemy, heal an ally, inflict a status ailment on an enemy, or buff an ally. While the results are uncertain, a Cartomancer is able to deal far more damage than a Duelist or Pugilist given the right card. Cartomancers gain a good amount of Evasion, while also increasing Vitality and Wisdom slightly.

Tips to Remember on Roles

One important point to remember about Roles is that your character will only gain stats according to the Roles that are being leveled. For instance, if you find your character is low in Health, try increasing from a Poor Pugilist to a Fair Pugilist. Does the Herbalist healing skill Salve not heal your allies for full Health? Try gaining more proficiency as an Herbalist to increase Wisdom.

You can also get stronger more quickly by switching Roles often. It takes less experience getting two separate Roles to the next level of proficiency than getting one Role up two levels of proficiency. For instance, if you are a Fair Duelist and a Fair Pugilist, it is faster to become both a Good Duelist and a Good Pugilist instead of becoming a Great Duelist while remaining a Fair Pugilist.

There is a trade-off, however, as becoming better at a single Role unlocks more powerful skills.

More Roles
The following is a list of Roles not in the current demo. There are a few additional Roles beyond this as well that won't be divulged except in game.

Bounty Hunter