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Here are some miscellaneous items about the game.

Enemy Encounters

There are no random battles in Seasons for Seasons. Instead, enemies roam around the map. If you get too close, they may chase down the character. However, once the party becomes strong enough, weak enemies will no longer pursue the party and will oftentimes run away.


Various medals are available in the game. Each medal has a prize that is received upon earning the medal. Below is the medal screen. Medals in gray have yet to be achieved. Note that the game is still in development and many more medals will be added.


Tripps is a dice game where each player rolls 5 dice. The goal of the game is to get the lowest score possible. The score is the sum of the dice rolled, with the exception that rolling a 3 counts as 0. There are three turns in Tripps, and each turn the player has the option to decide which dice won't be re-rolled. The player must hold at least one die per turn.