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Sacred Earth: Memory is a visual novel that adopts certain aspects of RPGs seeking to throw off contemporary shackles of constraint given by the genre's predecessors. With useless fluff done away with, Sacred Earth: Memory seeks to provide an entertaining experience without the frustration present from standard RPG conventions.

Join Veili and Gunnar as they explore the labyrinthine tower that has suddenly appeared in their world. As they explore, they will meet friend and foe alike, and perhaps, they may just discover what it means for it to have appeared now...

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After five hundred years...

...I actually post something.

SEM has more or less been on the backburner for the last... two years? Amid a tumultuous changeover from RM2k3 to RMVXA, then getting hit with RMMV, THEN waiting for the water to settle only to find that RMMV was not going to be my holy grail of game making, legal RM2k3 still wasn't up to the less legit version's standards, and RMVXA stood in a weird place between...

Talk about a run on sentence.

Well, in any case, the end result was that I did a whole lot of waiting only to be disappointed. That, plus my motivation was at an all time low for the last two years, and I lost the same insane drive to create that I had back when this was just an RM2k3 project.

So now that the dust is settled and everything is all said and done, I'm deciding to move forward with prototyping the first 'Chapter' of the current plot outline of SEM, using RMVXA and Sacred Earth Promise's engine. This disappoints me on a deep level because SEP is not what I wanted SEM's base to be.

SEM was going to be deeper than that, but as it stands, RMVXA is getting older, and older, and eventually, I may find myself in the RM2k3 situation again. So rather than twiddle my thumbs, I'll just do what I can with what's there. Even if it's not to my dream specifications and the extra mechanics are missing.

That spiel out of the way, what HAVE I been doing anyway? Well, for now, just making sprites. Thankfully, I have a metric boatload of graphics from the years that SEM has been in the works, so all I really needed to do was polish those old sprites up to my current standard. This is what I have so far:

(Kinda impossible to see weapon trails against this BG, but heeeeey)

Most of the work is adding inbetweens, as the original sprites were pretty much just key frames. Especially in the case of Mir, whose original sprites had no transitions whatsoever. It was kind of bad, yet I was lazy and less skilled back then.

Anywho, the plan is to make all the materials I need for 'Chapter' 1, and then develop it. Once I'm finished and it's playable, I'll see how I feel about it in the end, and if it's worth going forward with. But at the very least, it's something to do to keep me busy.

I wish I knew how to program.


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Haha, well. It's a visual novel in that a lot of the story is presented through static scenes and portraits rather than sprites and maps.

But it has a fair amount of RPG gameplay as well. It's an oddity for sure. But it's still very much playable.
Is this completed?

This is not complete. The current download, while very much playable, is outdated in terms of engine and story. So it stands alone.
Awww man. I just finished Promise (is there a way to unlock more content? I finished the ice labyrinth and then suddenly credits). So I'm hoping for more of a game.
Awww man. I just finished Promise (is there a way to unlock more content? I finished the ice labyrinth and then suddenly credits). So I'm hoping for more of a game.

Thanks for playing Promise! Sorry to say, there's no more game to be played. But Promise serves as a rough example of where this particular project is heading. We're working hard on creating a full game experience with the same sort of setup.

Thank you again you playing!
What exactly is the area rank limit again? Does it lock my party out of the dungeon if I'm at too high a level? Luckily, I completed almost every event (including Forneus) in the first dungeon, except for the ones behind two locked paths.

Also, is there a point to limiting the amount of saves per dungeon? It seems like I can go back to town to save without consequence, unless there's some kind of bonus for winning several battles in a row without returning to town.
My mind is full of fuck.
Completed the demo after Melodia, can't wait for more.
Thank you for playing.

There are still too many things keeping me away from this project in any form, but I hope to continue it one day.
Looked like a professional game. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Never once heard of the franchise or anything. The battle system was extremely confusing, probably because like the sister i was totally not paying attention to the lectures about game mechanics. My bad but it gets worse for me when I went into the dungeon. Couldnt remember what each symbol meant other than the battles, and during battles i just mash the z button and generally had no idea whats happening. My guess that its some kind of ATB (which i dislike, it puts time pressure for me to make simple decisions and doesnt allow learning of what each command is), got affected by some status from traps and have no idea what... doesnt look like I can really play this at all.
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