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It's a system support the BGM, some of the puzzles, and compose/record/share of your own tunes.

BGM in the story:
The scores of the ancient pentatonic scale are widely used in the story.
Most of the scores have handed down through countless wet and dry seasons, with hundreds even thousands years passed by,
something never change between the lonely musical notes makes their vitality and the true value is appreciated.

Puzzles of the music:
A: Follow the notes given and produce the right keys. Different tunes, various effects.
B: Wormhole for space transfer. The wormhole can effect the frequency of matter waves. (Image)
Sound wave is one kind of the matter waves: music~sound~frequency~pitch
"The wormhole is at the very point with the lowest pitch, in most cases, it nears the center of the Hollow Sound Stage." In this puzzle, you need to find (judge from the pitch of the music by listening) the very point with the lowest pitch and transfer to another wormhole.

Compose your own tunes:
You can produce and record your own scores without special learning.
Here are some sample tracks(a tune with different timbres):

What's the special?
A: It's a part of the story, and you need to play the right scores to push the story continue. It's more than a simple pentatonic scale. Five(penta) is a key number in the story.
B: You can produce and record your own scores without special learning. That's owe to the attributes of the ancient pentatonic scale. You can produce a amazing tune unplayable to most musical instrument(12 average scales), in other words, you cannot use a tool for MIDI composing to imitate tunes on this platform.
C: You can change the tunes' elements independently:
Change the timbre: piano=>flute,violin,kitten...
Change the pitch: oldman=>child
Change the rhythm: . . . . .=>.....
D: Most tunes in the story have survived hundreds or thousands of years and are worth listening to.
Add: You can play a modern music with it. But the code is a little different(It's 12 average scales).

How to compose my own tunes?
It appears at Charpter II in the story. You can access to it directly from the cover:
Credits=>Special Mode=>Enter Special Mode

Talk to that hare: Enter\Space
Exit Special Mode: move to the exit on the left.

Compose a new tune=>Default=>Composing=>End Composing(Talk to that hare)

Let the mouse on the key you need.

Pitch: Left=>Right, Low=>High
The white-black ball is used to make a rest in your music scores.

Take to the hare and do as it says.
After recording your tunes, you can replay it. Just talk to the hare:
Tune Playing=>Your Own Tune=>...

You can share your own music scores with others by exchange the scores' file: Tone.txt file in the Save folder.
In this file, you can check your own tunes' scores.
0004xa002414____Broken in the Wind______4 4567546 78 9 89876 767654567654 3 4 45675 6 7 8 9987 6 765678654 3 4 432 1 765 67654 3 4 8 98 7 6 765678654 3 4 8 98 7654567687545676886 5456786765434543