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Welcome! For those new to this project, Master of the Wind is a superhero game which takes place in the fantasy world of Solest. It is a story told in seven chapters, referred to as "arcs." (You know...like story arcs. It makes sense once you think about it a bit)

Cade Mistral and his best friend, a skeleton named "Bones," work as armor merchants in the beautiful seaside town of Port Arianna. Unbeknownst to the townsfolk, Cade also protects them as the spear-wielding wind mage known as Shroud. Bones joins him as Stoic, a mighty undead warrior who has lived through roughly one thousand years of history.

The story begins with our heroes keeping their fellow citizens safe from smaller threats like robbers or the occasional vampire. However, when larger and more organized foes begin to descend on their humble home, our heroes realize they are in for more than they bargained for. They will have to make new friends, confront deadly foes, and travel all over the world to deliver justice once and for all.

Check out the official homepage for more details!

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Let's Play Master of the Wind!

Hey everyone,

I discussed this in NeverSilent's playthrough thread, but I've started a new LP series for Master of the Wind. Here's the first episode!

I'll be trying to make roughly 30 minute episodes once a week, maybe more than that if I have more time to work with. I've also posted this in the media section and will continue to add them there. Hope you guys enjoy looking back at the game with me and feel free to submit questions or potential topics for discussion here in the thread.

Peace bros!
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Heh, I wish the original battles were this popular back before we changed them. ;)

Sounds like you played a version back when the game was known for its difficulty. But like I said earlier, several years worth of people complaining about that (and some balanace issues) motivated ArtBane to give it an overhaul. However, we are aware that players of the previous versions find themselves slaughtering the enemies and are a little let down by that, so there is a possibility of a new difficulty mode being added in a future version. Not sure when that will be, though.

It used to be that a little grinding was recommended (especially early on) to beat the enemies. However, ArtBane wanted no grinding to be necessary and the system reflects that. Still, some people enjoy grinding (and if you are trying to collect crafting items, your levels will jump pretty quick) and it will really make you into a powerhouse. A tough balance for sure.
Is there a way to start at last chapter even without a save? I seem to have lost my save and forgot to back it up. It's not that bad though, I do have a backed up save at the end of chapter 5.
Since this is meant to be the "complete" version, New Game puts you in Arc I, meaning people need save files to start off later in the game. Members of the MotW forums (www.solest.org) tend to trade save files though, so if you posted there, someone might hook you up.
Im really stuck on the first part of your game. Someone else has commented about the field that is on the door in the cemetry. I can hear the banging but i can't find away of getting in. There is no girl walking around either....
If you can hear the sound, go to the floors with the coffins in the crypt and check each coffins, you will find what you need in one of them.
Thanks to everyone who nominated us for this year's Misaos! The results are WAY beyond my expectations...I thought one or two categories, maybe.

Now I have an ethical question that I struggled with in the past years when MotW was nominated...a unique quandary that results from the collaborative nature of this project. Obviously I won't be voting for MotW in nearly all of these categories because that's not classy. But what about Level Design? That is completely ArtBane's work, not mine. I'm very familiar with his skill and process after all these years working together, and voting for him sounds nice...but I'm not sure if it's a very ethical thing to do. Anyone got any thoughts on that?
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
I don't understand, if he participated in the game, why shouldn't his work be rewarded, I suppose his name would show up under the game, if not, it certainly should...
Well yeah, I agree it should be. But the question I have is....since I am the game's co-creator but not the creator of the dungeon design, is it appropriate for me personally to vote for MotW in the Level Design category? Obviously I hope others do but I'm just curious about my vote.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Oh, I see, well if you sincerely think his work at level designing is better than the one in any other game, why not? but I see your problem, you're voting for yourself at the same time; imo, if it's sincere, I wouldn't worry about it.
I decided to start over and I haven't regretted that decision yet.

The game seems a lot easier than the first time I played it. I'm running from most of the battles, but I'm still having an easy time. Well, there's one boss coming up that I remember being hard, so I'll see how well I do this time.

BTW, why is Bull Rush stronger than Bone Cleave? They have the same cost and Bull Rush adds the defense down debuff.
Bull Rush was supposed to be weaker than Bone Cleave but at some point during the revisions its attack was set to the wrong value. Good catch. It will be fixed in the next version but you can enjoy the OPness for now.
I can't because the game has upgraded it to Bull Crush already. Still, I have some fond memories of that skill now.
What an excellent game. Just finished it and I really, really liked it. The problem is that now I'm craving for more, lol. Great story, great dialogue, great soundtrack (loved the Artagel and the Bones' flashback songs), very nice puzzles, all really superb.

The only sort of negative point I would raise would be that the game's difficulty is not very balanced. I've read some people said it was difficult before, so that was changed, but what happened was that it starts a little difficult, then it slowly becomes easy, then very easy, and towards the end of the game, it goes back to being a little more challenging, but not very much. Some bosses I would take out in 3, 4 turns, with no sweat. Oh, and battles are somewhat slow and repetitive too, too many encounters.

And the only other thing is that, while I loved the soundtrack, I don't know if the Within Temptation songs fit in well. But that may be because I'm a fan of the band, lol, I don't know how others reacted to it.

All in all, I hope you guys plan to create more games. :D
I found a lot of the chapter 7 battles very challenging. It may have to do with the fact that I ran away from the majority of the battles.

The Enkur battle was in particular hard. He was faster than me despite every character having the speed armor. Several of his attacks would also one hit kill my characters. If he was berserked, a normal attack from him would usually kill a fully healed character in one hit. Then he had the opportunity to kill another character at the end of the turn. If he was told that Zeno betrayed him, his attack would often kill a fully healed Stoic.

Since he was faster than me anyway, I could maybe have made the battle a bit easier by bringing plate armor instead of the agility boosting thing. I didn't know what was coming though. As it is, beating Enkur relied on using a load of revival items and just hoping that he misses a lot.

I noticed a bug related to having relative low levels BTW.

There is one battle where you lose your skills. During the next battle you slowly regain them. However, Stoic and Finley managed to gain a skill each by leveling up and could use those two during the second battle. Stoic's skill was supposed to replace another skill, but he ended up having access to both Blood Letting and Sword Dance.

Anyway, I'd post some feedback, but I'm thinking of making a review.
Thanks for the feedback, guys! A review would be great since the ones we have (while very kind and helpful overall) are now all referencing an outdated and incomplete version of the game.
Ah How could I have missed the release of complete version.
Played demos and finally completed full game.
I really liked Leonard s battle speech no more drama no more speeches it ends now.
I have a question though. Is Stoic s cape the same he got way back in the days of Volroth s rebellion?
The logical problems were not my thing but I made through them at some points so they were not extreme. The bells were just impossible. I am pretty sure bells did not addd up as melody. Thank god forum had answer for it. I have been trying to find solution for 3 damn hours. Got 60 lev thanks to it though.
Did Andau ever found out who bit him?
The boss fights were quite fun even though a bit too easy in most cases.
Well overally I really hope you will make another game just please not another 6 years.
No major bugs found.
Crap, I said I'm thinking of making a review, but I never got around to it. Fortunately, I have my notes I made and my memory is more or less intact. I should be able to submit one soon.
i want to play this game but where is the walk through of this game?
i like to play a game with walk through.
The game is very long and nobody's actually finished a walkthrough for the whole thing.


There you can download one that was written for Arcs I-III. But if you do get stuck on something in the later parts of the game, feel free to ask for help here or on the MotW site. (www.solest.org)