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Welcome! For those new to this project, Master of the Wind is a superhero game which takes place in the fantasy world of Solest. It is a story told in seven chapters, referred to as "arcs." (You know...like story arcs. It makes sense once you think about it a bit)

Cade Mistral and his best friend, a skeleton named "Bones," work as armor merchants in the beautiful seaside town of Port Arianna. Unbeknownst to the townsfolk, Cade also protects them as the spear-wielding wind mage known as Shroud. Bones joins him as Stoic, a mighty undead warrior who has lived through roughly one thousand years of history.

The story begins with our heroes keeping their fellow citizens safe from smaller threats like robbers or the occasional vampire. However, when larger and more organized foes begin to descend on their humble home, our heroes realize they are in for more than they bargained for. They will have to make new friends, confront deadly foes, and travel all over the world to deliver justice once and for all.

Check out the official homepage for more details!

Latest Blog

Welcome Back, Bros (and Gals)!

Solest Games is now live!

It took almost a year, but Solest Games is finally back. For those who weren’t around, the site was hacked last summer and we lost EVERYTHING! Years of articles…gone. It was depressing at the time, but it opened up the opportunity to give the site a fresh, modern look.

The site now has a sleek, more mobile friendly design. Most of the page content is the same, with the addition of a Books section that Volrath will be updating. You can still find the downloads for all our games on here.

We’re still making some final tweaks, but this is more or less the finished product. With the new site, I’ll be producing new content on a fairly regular basis. Our Mailchimp account was de-activated so if you were a subscriber you’ll have to sign up again if you want to receive updates. We have a few projects in the works so you’ll definitely want to do that!

If you have any feedback on the site or run into any issues, please leave a comment or contact us directly. Thanks for sticking it out with us!
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  • 06/12/2007 09:00 AM
  • 02/27/2023 03:56 PM
  • 12/23/2011
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Oh wow, that's certainly very creative.

Also, just a side note- I'm new here, and not getting notified when someone quotes you is annoying :/

Edit: I'm, uh, stuck again. I'm supposed to be reading minds, and I've gone around and done that, but I couldn't find anything.

Edit 2: Nevermind, walked around some more and got random prompt about Cassie. Then spent some time trying to figure out who Cassie was, but I found her. Eventually.
Can you reupload the download site? I want to download it but it said the download site is expired,please I beg you I reaaaaallllllyyyyy want to play it... The one I have is about 3 years ago when I play it yesterday I realized that it only had story arc 1-6,I downloaded it from random blogspot(sorry for my poor English)
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Can you reupload the download site? I want to download it but it said the download site is expired

Don't worry, the download link from this game page is still fully functional. The developers' site has changed, but the files are still available. Here you go:

(The page's link to it is located at the top in blue text, between "Media" and "Play Lists.")
Uhm... who was the Solendian Knighthood grandmaster killed by an assassin by orders from Volrath?

That's the second question from the fairy on the top floor. Fairies are really awesome. I haven't even eaten my cookie yet, not worth it tbh, it's got more sentimental value.

Edit: Oh. I see.

Great oogly boogly, another cookie?

Edit: I... finished it. ...I'd say 'By Arcadius', except I feel that might be a little too cheesy. My only regret right now is probably that I didn't save a different file for each cutscene.

I do wish the last song, Master of the Wind, was more melodic, though. Sounds nice, but is very awkward to sing along to.
When I should shoot bells on arc 7,which one that I should shoot? I cant even heard the difference of the bells sound
Got any Dexreth amulets?
When I should shoot bells on arc 7,which one that I should shoot? I cant even heard the difference of the bells sound

Yeah, this sound-based puzzle can be a problem for some players. You're not the first one to struggle with it. Here's the solution:
The correct order of bells to ring (counting from left to right) is: 2 5 3 5 1

Best of luck beating the remaining parts of the game!
How do you get the red medallion for the puzzle at the end of the game? I assume it's red.

nvm figured out you have to jump on the roof.
Enjoying the game so far, however I encountered a game breaking bug on...I think arc 5? In Boreal, with Barone and Laurel in the party, where you have to go around shooting the barrels of dynamite to stop the ember mages. There were some minor bugs in the first field: after pressing z, only one of the aim bars moved and it crashed once due to a script failing. But the one that blocks progress from then on is that since succeeding in the first field and moving onto the second, any time I click z to go into aim mode, it switches back to the avalanche animation and then freezes immediately after that. I can open the menu, but not move at all. Doesn't seem to be any way around it either. Did anyone else encounter/solve this issue?
Hi hiotrcl. It's been awhile since I've looked at the project so I'm not sure what could be causing the issue. Could you provide your save file? I'll take a look at it in the editor and see if I can troubleshoot it. Thanks.
Yes, can't figure out how to attach files, so here are the Dropbox links.


Save 1 is the problem mentioned. Save 4 is after I tried to solve it by button mashing and somehow ended up able to move again but now unable to use the gun at all.
Sorry it took so long. Here is your save file with the fix:

The switch that toggled between the past/present in the Volrath's castle section of Arc V never got flipped off which was causing issues.
Is this game really about Walmart?
Is this game really about Walmart?

No. There are some themes in the first half of the game about corruption behind larger businesses, and people jokingly say it's directed at Walmart.
Hello. I would like to finish this game-I enjoyed it very much, but I'm stuck in the end of arc 6/beginning of arc 7. I had problems with the shooting games in Boreal-With Lauren and Finley in the party(it was funny, the background changed sometimes, or was teleported when I was aiming etc.), but somehow managed to get over this part. But after the long cut scene, I cannot open the menu. I have shroud, stoic, auburn and finley in the party, and we are in a new city.I tried to play onward, but after a time the battle with the ember mage-boss in boreal starts over, and also the long long cut scene to arc 7. (I hope it's understandable, my english is not the best)
I tried different save files, but it always ends like this.

If somebody has a solution for this I would appreciate help very much. I dont want to give up this fantastic game so near the end!
This sounds like the same issue a former poster was having where the switch that toggles between the past/present in Volrath's castle never got turned off causing issues later in the game. If you send me your save file I'll fix it manually.
Love the game so far. Though can anyone kindly give me the quiz password for The Hand basement, please?
Help me, please
I got stuck in the church where I need to light the fire
Help me please
Can someone give the password in the hand's tower?