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Welcome Back, Bros (and Gals)!

Solest Games is now live!

It took almost a year, but Solest Games is finally back. For those who weren’t around, the site was hacked last summer and we lost EVERYTHING! Years of articles…gone. It was depressing at the time, but it opened up the opportunity to give the site a fresh, modern look.

The site now has a sleek, more mobile friendly design. Most of the page content is the same, with the addition of a Books section that Volrath will be updating. You can still find the downloads for all our games on here.

We’re still making some final tweaks, but this is more or less the finished product. With the new site, I’ll be producing new content on a fairly regular basis. Our Mailchimp account was de-activated so if you were a subscriber you’ll have to sign up again if you want to receive updates. We have a few projects in the works so you’ll definitely want to do that!

If you have any feedback on the site or run into any issues, please leave a comment or contact us directly. Thanks for sticking it out with us!


Downloads Restored

Half a year later the downloads for our titles are finally up again! You can now download:
Master of the Wind
World Remade

I'm also working on a redesign of Solest Games that will be more blog oriented. I'll make another update when it's live. If it's not up in a month, feel free to give me a boot in the ass.


Let's Play Master of the Wind!

Hey everyone,

I discussed this in NeverSilent's playthrough thread, but I've started a new LP series for Master of the Wind. Here's the first episode!

I'll be trying to make roughly 30 minute episodes once a week, maybe more than that if I have more time to work with. I've also posted this in the media section and will continue to add them there. Hope you guys enjoy looking back at the game with me and feel free to submit questions or potential topics for discussion here in the thread.

Peace bros!


MotW: In-Depth Playthrough

Hey all,

Not much to report on the MotW Remake at this point. I still think about it quite often but we've both been fairly busy with our "real jobs" and we're waiting on certain tools before we start for realz. In the meantime, Super Solest fan NeverSilent has started a playthrough of the original game while taking detailed notes.

We started this already, but since the Solest forums have been retired, I decided we should continue it here. He'll be along to post his impressions after a session of the game and anyone who wants to weigh in can join us in the comments for this blog entry.

Peace bros!


Announcing Mistress of the Wind

I'm very excited to announce the new direction we'll be taking Master of the Wind in! That is... Mistress of the Wind!

When Volrath and I were discussing revising the game we knew we'd be updating the graphics, story and gameplay. But it didn't feel like enough. We wanted to do something that would fundamentally differentiate the Remake from the original game.

Then we had a thought. What if we reversed the genders of Shroud and Stoic? We were instantly very excited about the idea of writing our dynamic duo as female characters. But it still didn't seem like enough. And then it hit us. What if we did it for ALL OF THE CHARACTERS!! A gender bender of global proportions the kind never seen before! And at that very moment Mistress of the Wind became a thing!

Not wanting to waste anytime, I asked Maki to draft up art for the main cast. She delivered the amazing piece you see above. From the left-to-right you can see our titular heroes TRANSFORMED into their male/female counterparts.

I hope you're all as excited as we are about Mistress of the Wind! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


The Wind Blows In A New Direction

Hi Master of the Wind faithful! For too long we've been keeping you in the dark about the proposed Master of the Wind Remake. Volrath and I have been discussing it at great length and we've decided to take the remake in a new direction. One we are very excited about and we hope you (the fans) will also be excited for too!

I plan on revealing the full details in a few days but for now I have a teaser image to wet your appetite.

Who could this mysterious figure be?


The Future of Master of the Wind

The original Master of the Wind (the first arc, at least) will be ten years old in 2015. It's been completed since 2011 and we've been working on other projects since. However, we've decided to try coming back to it and that's a major reason why we've started up yet another forum.

Volrath and I have concluded that it would be a worthwhile effort to remake Master of the Wind and release it commercially (in episodic form, just like the original)

It won't be that epic 3-D version that MotWFan once dreamed up, but it will be a new version of the game that we hope will be embraced by the masses in the same way that the original free version was. This is an idea that has proven itself once before and all the experience we've gained since will help us create a more well-rounded version of MotW that can be released commercially with original music and resources.

It won't be a map-for-map reproduction of the original, however. The combat system in particular is likely to be totally different. The storyline will feel familiar, but it won't be the same sequence of events. We believe that the core of Master of the Wind was its cast of characters and its absorbing puzzles and we will strive to preserve those elements.

For now, this is still only a discussion and there's nothing yet to show. While our new forums is the best place to keep up-to-date and discuss the game, we'll also be updating our RMN page periodically with new info. Stay tuned!


New Forum

We're still setting up but for those who are interested we have a new forum. You can find us now at:


We'll still be active here but the forum will serve as a place to discuss the minute details of our projects as well as be a place for fans of our games to converse. Plus we're using Discourse which is a super sexy new approach to forums.

Feel free to sign-up and start posting!


Return to the world of Solest

It's been a few years since Volrath and I have worked in the Solest universe. I guess you could say we have had an experimental phase. Tried out a few different genres and created a new verse we could pull from. But for our next project we're returning to our roots.

We were planning on working on the project throughout the summer before making a game page here but with the 2014 Indie Game Making Contest we've decided to create a demo of the game for entry. It will feature the first hour or so of gameplay and establish some of the main characters as well as introduce the core mechanics of the game.

The game page is already up. Our current working title for the game is "World Remade" but we've also been toying with alternative names. It's also been codenamed Project Kobold since our main protagonist is in fact a kobold. With this game we wanted to feature more characters from the other races of Solest outside humans.

Please subscribe and post a comment on our new game page here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/6395/

We'll be updating it regularly throughout the month all the way up to the contest. We're going to be very honest throughout development so you'll be able to see what it's like working on a project here at Solest Games. Please come along for the ride!


LD Kickstarter...it all started here.

We're 10 days into our Labyrinthine Dreams kickstarter and slightly ahead of schedule. Only slightly, however, and it won't do us much good if the momentum stops now. If you're seeing it for the first time, we’re hoping to raise $6,000 to give the game a visual makeover that will achieve our vision for a dreamlike atmosphere and help make the game more viable in the independent game market.


Master of the Wind has significant screentime in our video for the Kickstarter, and deservedly so. It all comes back to this game. The great reception we got showed us that maybe we could turn this into a career someday. Making this game was so fun and so satisfying that we knew it would be a great way to make a living...if we could find a way to start.

I hope everyone who played this game and enjoyed themselves will consider helping us out now. We never charged players a cent for this game and we never will, even though we spent six years of our lives working on it. And who knows, if we can finish Labyrinthine Dreams and make a decent profit, perhaps we'll take another trip to the land of Solest...

Thank you all for being part of the journey that's led us here. I hope you'll help us continue. Peace bros!
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