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Solik Boss Battle
  • stoic
  • Added: 02/01/2008 12:54 PM
  • Last updated: 06/19/2018 06:31 PM


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Those are some badass battle graphics, especially Baron, but they're god damn enormous. The screen looks really cluttered.
Yeah, brilliant graphical use here for sure, but I think some of them need to be scaled down just a bit perhaps. It's hard to really say 100% though without having watched the battle in action.
it's been a long winter
It does seem really cluttered.
AAAA what the whats going on here the hell aaaaAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

I kind of love the cheesy comic book look though.
... Baron... He's so annoying sometimes... You know, I sometimes have doubts about how clever people are...
No-one in town has got green hair and is a gun-slinger except for Finley, and the only pair in the town who consists of a human and skeleton are Cade and Bones, and Cade has blond hair...

I now doubt mankind's sanity and intelligence.
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