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Let's Play - Master of the Wind Episode 17 - Expanding World

  • Volrath
  • 01/06/2017 01:01 AM


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Happy New Year to you, too!

I really enjoy those scenes where different types of villains get into ideological debates with each other. It makes the whole good vs. evil scale much less clear-cut black and white, while also adding a lot to the characterisation and believability of both of them.

Also, I seem to remember that at some point on the MotW forums you talked about the effectiveness of catchphrases and memorable quotes or patterns of speech when writing characters the audience should remember. This certainly works well not only for people like Stoic and Finley, but also in the case of Solik, with such classics as "As if that carries any weight. You people hate everything." I'll also never forget Pilc's brilliant imitation of Grinfrak, the "loud and witless oaf."

Regarding a possible X-Noir Let's Play: I would absolutely watch a playthrough of that game made by you! How is that even a question? I'm sure the insights you could provide on X-Noir would be very interesting to hear.
And on that note, just out of curiosity: Is it currently your plan to only make videos of your own games, or are you thinking about Let's Playing other games again as well?
X-Noir would be a particularly cathartic one. I had a lot going on in my head while working on it and I don't think it all translated into the actual game. Still, plenty of MotW left to go. As for other games, I'm not sure. I've unfortunately fallen pretty behind the 8-ball when it comes to the RM scene so I'm not sure where to start.
I still think you and ArtBane are being too pessimistic when it comes to X-Noir. Despite the problems it initially had, the final product is a great game in many ways, and it's really a shame you couldn't find the drive to complete the last unfinished bits and pieces. I don't doubt you had a lot more thoughts you wanted to convey through the game than what eventually made it into the finished project. But I at least can say I got a lot out of it, both story- and gameplay-wise.

Regarding other RM games, well, what better way to get back into the scene than by just trying some games out? Personally, I believe you might enjoy these two games quite a bit. Especially the second one is pretty innovative both in terms of gameplay and storytelling.
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