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Really a masterpiece!

Good day!
Superhero rpgmaker games are really rare, and superhero rpgs are even more rare, I remember for example Outlaw City. Well, Master of the Wind by Volrath and ArtBane is another RPG Maker XP that merges fantasy and superhero themes, and it's more than 30 hours long! A really big game indeed!

The game is about the defenders of Port Arianna: the armor merchant Cade Mistral and his undead friend, Bones the skeleton, when problems arise put on their costumes and become respectively Shroud the masked Wind Mage and Stoic the undead warrior! All goes well when they have to fight some simple rogues or robbers, but then they will have to face a greater menace that will require them to travel, and meet new friends and foes...

This bandit will soon learn that mocking Shroud's outfit is a big mistake!

Despite the superhero theme and some mondern elements, Master of the Wind is a classic fantasy jrpg at heart, that includes different challenges such as classic rpgmaker battles, minigames and puzzles (luckily these are not mixed since having random encounters while having to solve a puzzle would have been terrifying!).

The game is largely linear, but despite this it offers many different situations that our characters have to face, like mind-controlling a golem, for example. Combat is also kept interesting, because despite being not new or original it offers several skills, abilities and items to use, and the game also includes a simple but nice crafting system. Anyway despite the overall parodistic/humorous/satirical tone of the game the combat encounter are challenging and strategic, so do not underestimate this aspect of the game, on the contrary sometimes I wished that the encounter rate was a bit lower in order to enjoy more the story and have a less combat intensive scenario, but it's sustainable and never too difficult (provided that you do some grinding if you're having some difficulty), since you will have two character with healing/revive abilities and there are plenty of healing consumables.

The game includes both random encounters and boss battles! Oh and here we're two teams and each one includes an undead! What's going on?

Graphically the game is interesting because it merges classical RTP assets from the RPG Maker XP database with custom made charsets, portraits and other sprites, but the final result is an overall colorful and pretty nice world, and there isn't a real clash of different styles, like it happened in some other games that mixed RTPs and custom made graphics. It really gives character to the game.

A special mention goes to the cutscenes that are carefully designed and are really well complemented by music effects, not that mapping is bad, on the contrary most places are carefully designed despite some rare passability error that can easily be overlooked. In the end the world is carefully designed and well complements the interesting storyline. Music and sounds are really really good: I liked a lot the boss battles themes and also the music heard during the different cutscenes (as I mentioned before, but it's worth repeating!), they work perfectly and the selection made by Volrath and ArtBane is simply great.

Hey that woman has a custom made portrait so she must be important! But these three aren't our protagonists, so who're them? Play and see!

Final Verdict
Master of the Wind is a good and solid rpg with some real interesting aspects, even if it does not diverge a lot from the other classical jrpgs you may have played. But you know what? Story and the cast characters are really interesting, and the visuals are pretty, so if you like classic dungeon exploration, rpgmaker battles, minigames and puzzles, be ready for hours of fun! Nothing really new, or exceptionally original, still extremely good! Recommended!