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Reap and Sow is a mixture of a farming sim and dungeon explorer.
Explore your own mind by entering your dreams.
Take care of a farm during the day.

The dreamworld will be split into 12 parts, each with a distinctive look:
Abandoned temples, dark forests, insane asylums, underground tunnels and much more. Each dreamworld ends with a boss. The dreamworld will tie into the real world and you can use some crops that you grow in your farm to affect the dreamworld (mostly the mushrooms you can grow later). Some items from the real world can also be used in the dreamworld.
You start with almost nothing except a few seeds,
and from there you must expand with more plants and even livestock.

Latest Blog

Great news!

I have some very good news for fans of RaS. I've been working on converting the game from Ace to MV. The main reason being, I thought it might fix the lag issues players were having. After a couple of weeks of work I've been playtesting, and I think I have resolved the issue. I've got a 7 year old computer myself, and I've had no issues, so I think the problem is fixed. What this means is that I can finally, finally continue working on the game. There's also a couple of added bonuses to converting the game to MV, like increased graphics size and more platforms you can play the game on.

Here's a taste of what the increased resolution will look like:
  • Production
  • SnowOwl
  • Nakazu
  • Tarranon (Music)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 05/01/2013 12:13 AM
  • 04/15/2021 07:54 AM
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Another nifty game by SnowOwl. I'll keep an eye out for this~
Thank you, I'll do my best to make sure your expectations are met!
So... It's like a HS prom where the shy Yume Nikki meets Harvest Moon, banged in the backseat Toyota and had a baby plus shotgun marriage. I'll play it.
Pretty much. Those 2 games were my main inspirations and alot of the farming part plays very similarly to HM.
This looks really interesting, I look forward to its completion!
I really like your inspirations
Wow, this looks like a neat concept, take Harvest moon and and in an odd twist! I'll defiantly keep an eye on this one!
Thanks, girls and goddesses. I look forward to completing it too, hah.
Don't make duplicate accounts in order to review your own game, guys!
how much long is the game? (in hours)
So far the game is a couple of hours, maybe 2-3 hours (less or more depending on how much time you spend farming and stuff).
will this be updated soon? i am looking forward to the development and finishing of this game. i tried it and i loved it, played it for an hour or so. but in all this game is amazing, good work.
It will probably be a while until the next update, I'm very busy with other stuff and I haven't had time to work much on it.
Just realized I haven't touched this in 6 months. Either way, yesterday I went on a bugfixing spree and I plan to start working on this again slowly.
I'm glad things are moving along. You've made some of the most unique-looking RPG Maker horror games I've played, and this one in particular looks very unique.
Did you made all those tilesets yourselves?
Yes, although some of the sprites are edited textures.
Really looking forward to this game. Loved the demo
not sure if this project is dead; but please, please keep working on this game! i love it.
Hey! Can someone tell me where do I sell the animals? I can't seem to find it.
It feels like I would rather farm than dreaming.
Hey guys there's a glitch in this game. When you buy tomato seeds, you receive raspberry seeds instead.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Hey! Can someone tell me where do I sell the animals? I can't seem to find it.
It feels like I would rather farm than dreaming.

That's funny. I much rather preferred dreaming than farming.
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