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Have you ever played an RPG? Then you know that the main character is a very big deal. He or she is destined to save the world, assisted by a group of equally heroic, strong companions. You travel vast landscapes, defeating monsters and enemies with evil intent, earning money, becoming stronger, buying or finding legendary equipment to help you on your super epic quest.

Aren't you tired of that? In You Are Not The Hero, you play as Petula, a simple minded girl who lives in her little shack in Hearth Village. She's content with living her life the same dull way she has for a while now. Unfortunately for her, the heros and villains of this world have different plans!

You Are Not A Hero is a parody on RPGs and video games in general. You'll find tons of video game references, cliche satirical events and fourth wall breaking throughout your journey as Petula. You won't find a battle system, but you'll tackle obstacles, puzzles, chase sequences, and more unique events as you run after the Heros who have stolen your precious pendant.

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You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

We're now on Steam Greenlight!!
We need all your support so every vote counts!!

The Kickstarter Campaign has begun!

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter

You Are Not The Hero is a new action platform RPG for the PC, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...

We ditch the battle system to focus on richer RPG gameplay elements. Instead of playing a traditional hero that saves the world, you're instead playing a bystander swept into the affairs of the heroes and villains alike.

You play as Petula, an unemployed, emotionally charged, ill-tempered, otherwise average young woman. With the royal army hot on their heels, the heroes have made their way to your village where they resume scavenging for supplies in everyone's homes. After confronting them for stealing your pendant, they rush off to continue their quest, giving you a quest of your own to retrieve it.

From now until November 12th 2013 we will be raising funds to complete You Are Not The Hero. As a backer of the project, you'll be able to influence varying styles of gameplay to be added and refined in the game. Rewards are anywhere from getting a digital copy of the game, a digital soundtrack and artbook, joining the game as an NPC with a custom bust and sprite, all the way up to designing your own town, becoming the mayor and creating your own specific quests and adventures, with up to 10 other people you specify!

As an RPG Maker game, we can show the world that the engine isn't just for half-baked games with little production value, but a powerful game creation tool that should command more respect than it has. Thank you all for your support! If you can spare a second, please share the Kickstarter link to your family and friends, or to other forums and communities that you frequent. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!
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  • 05/03/2013 01:32 AM
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Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
The premise of this game is very amusing. It reminds me of the demo game that came with the PSX RPG Maker, "Gobli."
..and now it is a development spotlight.
Good choice for a spotlight. This is my favorite game of the RSW releases.
More like Misao Stealing Prince
I'm totally enjoying this so far! Definitely made me laugh at times. The only thing I wish is that I could save anywhere! I'll try to plug away more at this later, but I totally can't wait for it to be finished. :)
The name of this caught my eye. I somewhat expected some sort of super happy-go-lucky hero slowly become an anti-hero and was a tad disappointed to see that not be the case. However I am all the same interested in this and look forward to playing it :D subscribed!
@Solitayre I totally remember that, I was so stoked when I bought RPG Maker for psx, had so much fun messing around with that iteration.

Thanks so much for the spotlight guys, I'm honored to be on the front page!

@Ronove Most of the maps were complicated and having the player save anywhere messed up the events. That is, until I realized there was a more efficient and effective way to do what I was doing and still be able to save anywhere. After Chapter 2 I'll probably make it so you can save everywhere haha.

@Rixel that's a very interesting premise for a game, I feel like I should oblige somehow.
May I ask what your inspiration is for the Japanese title? :)
The Japanese subtitle is really just a play on JRPGs. Pretty much all of the time, the Japanese text and the English text are just translated versions of each other. This time I wanted it to convey something a little different, an extension of the English title. "Really, not a hero" with the topic of the subtitle (you) already established in the English title.
Please more ;^;... No presure... ♥
This is looks pretty amazing!
I was looking for a comedy and parody game, it looks like your game has what I want, I'll download it now. I'm doing a game with the same topic, bizarre comedy, black humor, parodying other games, etc.

Hi guys, still hard at work on the CH2 finale! I've been fairly busy with my class schedule and moving to a new apartment, but it will be done hopefully by June, if not earlier. Hope you have a good time with it Jaguer!
Nice demo ! Your implementation of health equilibrated by the gold stars is a great thing, since it allows to go through puzzles such as the boulders without striving for perfection, while retaining some motivation to achieve it.
I have to say that platforming and especially pixel-perfect collisions in a RM game are cruel, and I botched the boulders more due to not having seen that the hair of the character was 2 pixels out than due to bad timing. Nevertheless, thanks to the health system allowing me to continue the game, I can't blame you for putting in some challenge for the more adept.
I'm definitely looking forward to the next release.
this one sounds good. downloading it now. will let you know more later how I like it. keep up the good work and never let people get you down.
*slow clap* Amazing game, all the way around. Great dialouge, nice mapping, and fun gameplay. I only have one issue though, and thats the jumping. I have a semi-old computer and it can lag while playing most levels in the game.
This makes trying to jump over gaps really annoying, as 80% of the time it wont register my jumps and I have died countless times trying to complete the jumping areas (it was still fun enough that I wanted to continue). Either increasing the jump distance or having fewer of them would be much appreciated. Anyway, good luck with the rest of the game, can't wait to see whats next.
Thanks for trying out the game so far guys, really glad you liked it!
I'm not sure if it's in the current release, but as it stands, Petula's hitbox is slightly smaller than her body. Hopefully this will help a bit with the difficulty of the dodging obstacles.

I can't help you 'too' much. I have to agree that the jumping was hard. Before I tweaked it, it was required to be a pixel perfect jump if you wanted to get over the pitfalls. Any more tweaking and the jumping will be too irregular. What I can promise is, I'll try to keep the double-spaced jumps to a minimum. Just try to sprint before you jump.
I suppose the best thing would be to get a new computer! There may be a minimum requirement once the game is completed. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the rest!
Just thinking out loud, but if you ever decided to do a sequel for this, you should totally call it "You Are TOTALLY Not The Hero". :P

...Or something like that. ^^

Haha it's definitely too early to talk about sequels, then again I guess it isn't. If anything, I think I would work on a spinoff before a direct sequel, something with 'possibly' the actual heroes, or a side character.
The Japanese subtitle is really just a play on JRPGs. Pretty much all of the time, the Japanese text and the English text are just translated versions of each other. This time I wanted it to convey something a little different, an extension of the English title. "Really, not a hero" with the topic of the subtitle (you) already established in the English title.

Mine is translated (I think mostly using kanji) as "Prophet of the Way." Which is kinda a sucky translation, since Ambrosia is not much of a prophet at all (she's almost the opposite, she refuses to prophesy to anyone).