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Have you ever played an RPG? Then you know that the main character is a very big deal. He or she is destined to save the world, assisted by a group of equally heroic, strong companions. You travel vast landscapes, defeating monsters and enemies with evil intent, earning money, becoming stronger, buying or finding legendary equipment to help you on your super epic quest.

Aren't you tired of that? In You Are Not The Hero, you play as Petula, a simple minded girl who lives in her little shack in Hearth Village. She's content with living her life the same dull way she has for a while now. Unfortunately for her, the heros and villains of this world have different plans!

You Are Not A Hero is a parody on RPGs and video games in general. You'll find tons of video game references, cliche satirical events and fourth wall breaking throughout your journey as Petula. You won't find a battle system, but you'll tackle obstacles, puzzles, chase sequences, and more unique events as you run after the Heros who have stolen your precious pendant.

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You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

We're now on Steam Greenlight!!
We need all your support so every vote counts!!

The Kickstarter Campaign has begun!

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter

You Are Not The Hero is a new action platform RPG for the PC, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...

We ditch the battle system to focus on richer RPG gameplay elements. Instead of playing a traditional hero that saves the world, you're instead playing a bystander swept into the affairs of the heroes and villains alike.

You play as Petula, an unemployed, emotionally charged, ill-tempered, otherwise average young woman. With the royal army hot on their heels, the heroes have made their way to your village where they resume scavenging for supplies in everyone's homes. After confronting them for stealing your pendant, they rush off to continue their quest, giving you a quest of your own to retrieve it.

From now until November 12th 2013 we will be raising funds to complete You Are Not The Hero. As a backer of the project, you'll be able to influence varying styles of gameplay to be added and refined in the game. Rewards are anywhere from getting a digital copy of the game, a digital soundtrack and artbook, joining the game as an NPC with a custom bust and sprite, all the way up to designing your own town, becoming the mayor and creating your own specific quests and adventures, with up to 10 other people you specify!

As an RPG Maker game, we can show the world that the engine isn't just for half-baked games with little production value, but a powerful game creation tool that should command more respect than it has. Thank you all for your support! If you can spare a second, please share the Kickstarter link to your family and friends, or to other forums and communities that you frequent. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!
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Hey guys~

For the controller, it's using the default RPG Maker controller scheme on there. Mind sharing what controller you're using Marche? Our lead programmer is working on controller support.

The framerate issues are known, especially for slower computers. RPG Maker doesn't use the graphics card at all, it relies purely on the CPU. It's horribly inefficient, and if you have a lot of things going on in the background it'll be that much worse. Other than that, a lot of the mechanics are still purely evented, which we plan on converting to scripts, which should lessen the framerate issues.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i see,i have a 2.6 quad core so i thought id be fine on all games like this :( im poor amt so i cant upgrade o well :(

as for a controller i use the Ps2 controllers(with the ps3s ps2 adapter)
tho i don't know the reason behind it most rpg maker games work with it automatically
some have a issue where 1 button does 2 things(left d pad on Volore had also acted as shift which runs apparently in that case the maker set a extra move command WASD which was the cause)

-optional fix1
pressf1 which options up options(dont know if this works in aal rpg maker engines but does here)
at the top will be 3 tabs general,gamepad and keyboard see if that can help

-optional fix2 last resort a 3rd party program
if you dont have that 1 buttons has 2 effects issue i suggest a 3rd party program called JoyToKey
which is a amazing program thats simple to use
and lets you assign any KB key to any key on the gamepad(any so long as all the buttons are detected)

hope that helped :D
I'm using a PS3 controller with XInput Wrapper and Xbox 360 Controller for Windows software from Microsoft's website. So, my PS3 controller basically acts as an Xbox 360 one. I don't believe that there's really a difference.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
outside of the shape and maybe durability id say the biggest difference between ps3 and xbox controller is the joy sticks
the ps3 from my experience was more sensitive
i played mw2 on both systems and was shocked by the difference
Congratulations on getting funded! As a fellow RPG Maker VX dev, we hope your game will change the way people think about commercial RPG Maker games.
Why did I just find this now?

Well, found two bugs and reporting them anyway, even though this is a 2+ years old alpha...

* Can't talk to Reverend for a second time, in Chapter 1 Cave after finishing the bridge

* The screen right before the ferry leaving cutscene, Weapon (Shovel) Use Learned! and Save Everywhere Unlocked! (Which isn't actually unlocked...), is black except for Petula.

Also, I guess Petula is a MeaningfulName, to reference the word 'Petulant', because she sort of *is*?
2 Chapter Demo. Game is really good. ARPG puzzle game with jumping, so its like SMRPG without RPG battles. It's also pretty funny. Havent seen any game like this on RMN before. However, if your wanting to play the full game, keep dreaming. Doesn't look like this game is in active development.
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