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Have you ever played an RPG? Then you know that the main character is a very big deal. He or she is destined to save the world, assisted by a group of equally heroic, strong companions. You travel vast landscapes, defeating monsters and enemies with evil intent, earning money, becoming stronger, buying or finding legendary equipment to help you on your super epic quest.

Aren't you tired of that? In You Are Not The Hero, you play as Petula, a simple minded girl who lives in her little shack in Hearth Village. She's content with living her life the same dull way she has for a while now. Unfortunately for her, the heros and villains of this world have different plans!

You Are Not A Hero is a parody on RPGs and video games in general. You'll find tons of video game references, cliche satirical events and fourth wall breaking throughout your journey as Petula. You won't find a battle system, but you'll tackle obstacles, puzzles, chase sequences, and more unique events as you run after the Heros who have stolen your precious pendant.

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You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

We're now on Steam Greenlight!!
We need all your support so every vote counts!!

The Kickstarter Campaign has begun!

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter

You Are Not The Hero is a new action platform RPG for the PC, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...

We ditch the battle system to focus on richer RPG gameplay elements. Instead of playing a traditional hero that saves the world, you're instead playing a bystander swept into the affairs of the heroes and villains alike.

You play as Petula, an unemployed, emotionally charged, ill-tempered, otherwise average young woman. With the royal army hot on their heels, the heroes have made their way to your village where they resume scavenging for supplies in everyone's homes. After confronting them for stealing your pendant, they rush off to continue their quest, giving you a quest of your own to retrieve it.

From now until November 12th 2013 we will be raising funds to complete You Are Not The Hero. As a backer of the project, you'll be able to influence varying styles of gameplay to be added and refined in the game. Rewards are anywhere from getting a digital copy of the game, a digital soundtrack and artbook, joining the game as an NPC with a custom bust and sprite, all the way up to designing your own town, becoming the mayor and creating your own specific quests and adventures, with up to 10 other people you specify!

As an RPG Maker game, we can show the world that the engine isn't just for half-baked games with little production value, but a powerful game creation tool that should command more respect than it has. Thank you all for your support! If you can spare a second, please share the Kickstarter link to your family and friends, or to other forums and communities that you frequent. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!
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answers in my opinion.
yes i would like to learn more.
yes heroes cant fight
and about the other one no as heroes shouldnt fight. maybe as a minigame though.
answers in my opinion.
yes i would like to learn more.
yes heroes cant fight
and about the other one no as heroes shouldnt fight. maybe as a minigame though.
thanks so much for the input guys I really appreciate it. Glad everyone is pretty much on the same page!
Yea, it'd make sense as a minigame (sorta like Sunset at Imdahl), but not as a regular.

It only makes sense in the concept of most of this game, stuff getting foisted on her, rather than her acting heroic. ("Take this frying pan" "What am I supposed to do with that?" "Fight with it!" "...What?") It also necessarily would have to break or something before she got skilled or anything with it.
Picture update. I don't appear be able to find out when new downloads are updated.

Does this mean you've got a game up?
Hey bulmabriefs, If you've already played the demo once then you've played the most recent one. I'm updating media but I haven't updated the demo. I believe you'll see if it's been updated. At the moment we're working pretty hard to get the next demo up for the Kickstarter, please look forward to it!

Chances are, early supporters of our game will also get a copy of the Kickstarter demo.
I registered this site just to subscribe this game!
I really like the storylines of the game
Although i didn't care for stars because i want to see more story rather than gameplay (I could get more stars later at library anyway)
Thanks for your support skyhot! I really appreciate you registering just to subscribe. If you want quicker updates you can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! https://www.facebook.com/youarenotthehero and @YoureNotTheHero
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omg...this was fucking amazing
ive always thought about this kind of stuff since the original zelda games
how you can just walk into anyone's place and steal their stuff w/o caring (except for the shop keeper)

those meanies attacked her even when she wasnt on a battle screen! :(
my character will be the villain who has the power to stop time and kill them in that moment! :D

even just b4 finding this game i was thinking something along the lines of a male character being introduced as a hero then getting his ass beat(in a battle you cant win) by a girl who then becomes the real main character
and says not another cheesy male protagonist im the star of this show
hehe OwO
or something like that would be awesome :D
Tried this for the first time today.

I received a telling off from my flatmate for mashing the keyboard too loudly and yelling 'SAVE THE CHILDREN.'

All said, I liked it a lot. Hope the kickstarter goes well!
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Chapter 1 playthru by TheUnproPro
Nice, thanks for sharing Shayoko! We'll be releasing a new public demo in the next few days for the Kickstarter, and we'll be including a few easter eggs in it too!
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This game renewed my faith in Americans imagination
being one my self and a fan of many things the Japanese vulture produces
i had been disappointed in most cases
lack of creativity if you will

a story about the little people who suffer due to the events of the main stream is a perfect and brilliant setting
heck im content just to get to play as a female lead at all!
as its rare enough in media of any form
^sexism! :D
but you took it one step farther in concept

so good sir thank you for existing and restoring a small fraction of faith in people
who normally as cruel as it sounds choose not to use their brains to achieve anything
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when i tried to use my saves from my previous version on this updated version
when i click resume or try loading from in game i get this error

Unable to find file

ill ignore that i figure her model was just changed in this version or something
Hehe sorry Shayoko. The old version was from May so your saves won't work >_< we changed a 'lot' since then, including how some of the graphics are used, it's an unavoidable error.
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o its cool i dont mind starting over,does take that long to get back anyway :D

but is any one else getting a bit of lag?
in the previous version i only did during the falling rocks
Wow, I gave the game a shot and played through the alpha beginning in the total opposite mindset that I should have. I was expecting a battle system, because I must have missed that fact when I looked at this game before. Pleasantly surprised to see that it doesn't have one. The humor in the game is especially well done. I love jokes that play off of some of the things that have become commonplace in games that we usually don't think about (like the tossing stuff to another person jokes).

Characters are pretty good. The heroes especially stick out in my mind for being the villains while at the same time not really being "bad" per se. They're just doing what they think needs to be done.

My only qualm at the moment is that the movement feels a bit touchy, since it's not restricted to a grid. Especially if you play with a controller (which I was trying to do, at first, which was a bad idea, phew!) But, I doubt many people would try playing with a controller in the first place, so whatever.

Other than that, I can definitely see myself buying it when it's released. My only question, if you can answer it, is, do you have a general idea of how many chapters there will be? Are you willing to disclose something like that? The library didn't look very large, in-game. Not that how long the game is would affect my buying it, but I am curious. "Will it aim to be short and sweet or at least a good few hours?" I guess, is what I'm asking.
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i always play with a controller if at all possible
since outside of rpg maker games and some indies im pretty much a console gamer
i am very un comfortable playing these types of games on a keyboard
with many unneeded keys
fps games would probably be the only genre id play on a pc with mouse and kb :3
agreed i love the comedy so much in this
bringing up those points we've always had in the back of are minds XD
Why cant YOU do it!?
cough...its not in the script

that start of chapter 2 must of took a bit to program so many characters moving at the same time and stuff crazy lol
reminded me of a couple "movie" games i seen where you do nothing but wtahc what is going on and read lol
some interesting ones like slimy(well the mc is a slime dont know what game name is XD)

i like to see those cutscene type things adds some additional perspective to the game
would also be awesome in games other then this to see a Ai controlled battle
some helpless character vs a monster,demon,leader of evil or something and they get destroyed like nothing
in fact make them guards so their a few times stronger then you and their were 4 of them
then the monster sets its sights on you and you have no choice but to run XD action/horror XD

:O darn my interest rate said too much :D
new changes game looks great!
the umm lag/frame loss or choppy feeling if you will i wonder if its just my pc as my Video card is not all that great honestly
that aside its a amazing
the comedy ,the plot,common sense! petrula will go to history as one of the top 10 best mcs of all time! :D
I don't think it was just you. I felt like I was getting a little lag, too, around chapter 1, but I think that was just because so much was going on at one time. The lag pretty well disappeared after I got to the big bridge scene.

That's quite a bold statement saying that Petrula will go down in history as one of the best 10 main characters of all time. Game's not even out yet, and already things like this are being said. xD Makes me laugh (not in a bad way).