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Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

  • seita
  • 09/27/2013 10:25 PM
Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

Hello ladies and gents! I first wanted to thank everyone who've supported the project from the beginning. Your comments, reviews, critiques and involvement have really brought this project to life. Everyone from RMW, RMN, RPGVXA, IndieDB and more have given us so much support and inspiration that I just cannot thank you enough.

For this project to continue, we really need your continued support now and for the future. In order for this Kickstarter campaign to be a success, word of the game has to reach more ears. It would mean so much to us if you could continue to lend your support by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

Twitter @YoureNotTheHero
(@YANTH was taken... an unused account =_=)

Potential Rewards

We want your feedback on potential rewards for the campaign. How would you feel about these types of rewards? The rewards are listed from cheapest to most expensive to offer.

  • YANTH Digital Soundtrack
  • YANTH Digital Artbook
  • Limited Edition 18in x 24in Physical Poster
  • Limited Edition T-Shirts
  • Physical Boxed Edition of YANTH
  • YANTH Physical Soundtrack
  • YANTH Physical Artbook

Here are a few possible designs for the shirts and posters. Note that these illustrations are WIP and may not convey the final design:

Finally, if you have yet to see the Public Service Announcement voiced by the amazing Bill Karalius, you can watch it here:

Here's also a rough WIP gameplay movie to be shown on the Kickstarter page along with the PSA.


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I'm kind of surprised not to see a digital copy of the game on the list?
I'm kind of surprised not to see a digital copy of the game on the list?

Mmmm... I forgot to mention, these are the rewards I'm interested in getting input on, but a digital copy of the game will be included in every reward tier except for the first one.
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