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You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

  • seita
  • 10/12/2013 08:41 PM
We're now on Steam Greenlight!!
We need all your support so every vote counts!!

The Kickstarter Campaign has begun!

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter

You Are Not The Hero is a new action platform RPG for the PC, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...

We ditch the battle system to focus on richer RPG gameplay elements. Instead of playing a traditional hero that saves the world, you're instead playing a bystander swept into the affairs of the heroes and villains alike.

You play as Petula, an unemployed, emotionally charged, ill-tempered, otherwise average young woman. With the royal army hot on their heels, the heroes have made their way to your village where they resume scavenging for supplies in everyone's homes. After confronting them for stealing your pendant, they rush off to continue their quest, giving you a quest of your own to retrieve it.

From now until November 12th 2013 we will be raising funds to complete You Are Not The Hero. As a backer of the project, you'll be able to influence varying styles of gameplay to be added and refined in the game. Rewards are anywhere from getting a digital copy of the game, a digital soundtrack and artbook, joining the game as an NPC with a custom bust and sprite, all the way up to designing your own town, becoming the mayor and creating your own specific quests and adventures, with up to 10 other people you specify!

As an RPG Maker game, we can show the world that the engine isn't just for half-baked games with little production value, but a powerful game creation tool that should command more respect than it has. Thank you all for your support! If you can spare a second, please share the Kickstarter link to your family and friends, or to other forums and communities that you frequent. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!


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Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
You the practice of self-promotion
shut up

That and somebody needs to be spooned for bad behavior!
Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
Knock it off everyone. Nightowl, quit trolling or I will ban you.
Other RPG maker games have made it onto Steam. Make sure you have achievements. I pretty much only play games that have achievements now.

But also he says they're placeholder graphics.

Trolling or not, I can understand what Night is saying.
Other RPG maker games have made it onto Steam. Make sure you have achievements. I pretty much only play games that have achievements now.

according to Reives (and mainly Zeriab, the excellent guy who did To the Moon's scripting work) the Steam API is all but impossible to incorporate with RGSS. To the Moon was made in XP, though, so whether the same is still true for Ace has yet to be seen -- I've heard some inconclusive stuff from other credible developers with an eye on Steam that there is the potential for Steam API integration in RGSS3, but this is as of yet untested. it could be demonstrated pretty soon, though!

one way or the other, achievements are a silly little side-thing and I don't think they should be the main element in anyone's buying decisions.

(now, trading cards, on the other hand...)
Well here's the thing.... I have 300 games. Nothing motivates me to play them. Achievements give me incentive. I'm not sure why, but they do. Achievements are a good way for devs to see who has gotten where in their game. All games are fun, achievements are goals.

Trading cards are good for people that want a percentage of money back for buying a game.
I'm not usually in favor of kickstarter projects that use RTP, but this looks really nice and planned out. Nightowl has a history of being a trolling idiot. I wish you the best of luck with this. I myself cant afford to back it, but I have quite a few friends that may be interested.
Thanks for everyones support guys! No worries, I have a pretty thick internet skin. Get in my face in person though and I'll cry like a baby ;3 We're actually doing really well in Steam, we have a higher percentage of YES votes compared to the average of the top 100 games on greenlight, which is really surprising. I don't even need to defend RPG Maker, a lot of people on there are doing it for me~
Wait there is a greenlight for this? Where?
You're getting a lot of publicity from other outlets. Mostly because of the 'you're a NPC.'
I recommend that everyone put Nightowl on their ignore list. You can clearly see why.

I don't think it's all that dishonest to not say it's an RM game. The average player doesn't care and it being RM shouldn't have any affect on anything, unless you are stating you need 50k for programming costs. Which could still be true if you do tons of Ruby coding.

All that really matters is how the game looks, sounds, and plays.
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
This is making me happy.

How much do you plan to actually sell the game for once it's fully released?

But speaking for Night, some people truly believe without a doubt RPG MAKER is for kids and anyone trying to make a commercial game out of it is either a kid, dumb, or trying to rip people off.

The fact of the matter is those people only know the outer most layer of RPG Maker Engines and not how deep you can go into it.

I also read about how you'll have a demo for backers...which I am against. I believe you should have a demo for everyone. This would easily get you more backers if you have the demo for everyone rather than just videos of the gameplay.

By having it where you want them to back you first, it just shows you're not actually wanting people to NOT back you if they don't like the game, and with this you're more likely to get the money and then they decide the game sucks.

I believe it'll be good, but I don't agree with you only having a demo for people who actually backed the project. They are already getting stuff, the least you can do is provide a public demo for everyone.
We don't have an exact price yet on how much the game will be once its released, though it'll be more than $15 so backing the campaign is definitely cheaper than waiting for release day.

I went into detail about why I thought RPG Maker has a bad reputation here:

There's a few reasons why I've been hesitant to include a public demo:
1: The initial plan of releasing it only to backers of a certain tier has already been decided and people have already pledged to it. Releasing it publicly would most likely tick them off.
2: I'm my worst critic, so no matter how many people tell me how amazing the game is after playing it, I still assume everyone will cancel their pledges as soon as they realize what a piece of crap it is.
3: The same reason the vast majority of game developers don't release a demo early on is that it's incomplete and will have a high chance of leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths.

There are other reasons why it wasn't available immediately. I've studied many campaigns and have noticed that the majority of those with playable demos did worse than they could have if they had not released it first.

Regardless, I do still want to release the demo publicly, so I have a few solutions.
For 1, I'll be contacting all of the backers of that tier early on to tell them that I'll be releasing the demo publicly, and I'll compensate them if they decide to stay at the $25 tier. If they would rather not, they can always lower their pledge.
For 2 and 3, I'm waiting for a few Lets Plays to surface on YouTube before I decide on releasing it. At least it should reassure me a bit.
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
With a game of this size (all of the stuff the player can do) did you ever think about trying to make it online? Offline and Online play?

You could charge a monthly fee to use the online mode. 2 online modes. One where many can connect, then one where only "friends" can connect. Friends one is free, monthly payment for the larger one, and then the offline mode.
Oh trust me if RPG Maker had that kind of capability out of the box it would be a no brainer. Multiplayer though is a whole new ball game, I'll save it for our next game.
I gave a RPG Maker game online a serious shot, but it just wasn't viable.
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