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  • seita
  • 05/19/2013 05:09 PM
Hey guys! First off I just wanted to thank everyone who's tried, commented on, supported, believed, reviewed, and interacted with You Are Not The Hero! It's all of your support, whether big or small that really keep me going.

I'm at a point of development where I can take some creative liberties, and I've decided this time to consider everyone's opinions directly by asking exactly what you want. Now that more people have tried the demo and it has gotten relatively wide exposure, this is a good time to get some creative insight into how everyone plays the game.

I have questions regarding various points of development on the game, and I'd like it if you chose between my choices, or suggest your own if you really believe in something else. If you have time, explain your choice a little bit.

As you know, YANTH isn't exactly about story, it's more about gameplay and 4th wall humor. However there have been some people who wish to know more about the story and the world, taking an interest in the game at a deeper level than what I had originally planned.

The question is, should I flesh out the story and the world more to give YANTH more depth? Would this add to your experience so far with the game, or create an unnecessary tangent that detracts from it?
  • Add more backstory and world history. Most likely through npc interaction, cutscenes, spy sequences, etc.
  • Don't add anything more regarding story.

The same question goes for the characters as the previous.

Do you want to learn more about the backstory of the characters, their motivations and feelings?
  • Yes.
  • No.

YANTH was originally only about the gameplay. Minigames upon minigames, something similar to warioware with an RPG story tacked on. However, as time passed I began to craft a world where said minigames would make sense to play. World building to me is very fun.
Would it detract from your experience if Petula, the main character were to begin wielding weapons to fight monsters?
  • Yes. She isn't the hero, it doesn't make sense to give her a weapon.
  • No. Non-heroes can fight, they'd just be like soldiers for a town or other wandering travelers.

If Petula were to gain weapons and begin fighting, would you still play anyway if it was good?
  • Yes. I don't see why not.
  • No. This isn't why I play YANTH.

If the above were to be implemented, this would give YANTH another depth that it doesn't currently have, a battle system which would open up more hours of gameplay, albeit at the cost of some minigames. How do you feel about this?
Keep in mind that there will always be minigames and events like the first two chapters, just that the 'battle system' would be strewn about as well.
  • Please elaborate on this response.


What are your feelings on the graphics for the game thus far? Do you think it could stand for some improvement or does it not factor in much to your enjoyment of the game?
  • Please elaborate on this response.


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Keep it the way it is.
Keep it the way it is.
Keep it the way it is.
Yes, I would have less motivation to play it.
Keep it the way it is.

In my opinion you should keep everything the way it is, from the gameplay to the story. Playing an NPC is what makes me want to play your game, mocking rpg cliches is what makes me want to play your game. Any change, even implementing a battle system will make your game stray off the path of what it was once meant to be. It might still be a good game/great game but it would also be like any other game and loose its uniqueness. You could change the graphics if you want but I love it the way it is.

And I like the story of how it focuses on the girl, the hero side of the story is just a cliche and so make fun of it all you want but no need to elaborate it. You could work on the girl's story to great depths though, for example the neck less was given to her by her diseased grand mother whom she loved very much and who has also taught her to be kind to other human beings, the reason she helps out her fellow villagers so much.
"It's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey wimey...stuff."
+1 vote for keeping it exactly the way it is. If Petula starts fighting monsters she will stop Not Being the Hero.
Not 100% sure on this one, but here goes nothing. I'm going to rate each one on a scale from 1-10, 1 meaning stay and 10 meaning change.

Story- 5
I think adding a little bit more to the story of the world could be pretty good and help involve people in the world. But only a little, and it should basically be revealed gradually as you go along, like it has been so far.

Chars- 6
I think it would be pretty interesting to learn more about the chars instead of them being completely cliche, maybe a just a little backstory to some people and most of it to the main char and her friend.

Combat- 2
Yeah, this doesn't seem like it would fit in very well with this game. Maybe you could do some parody battles/minigames of it (like facing off against the heroes), but as a central game mechanic I'm gonna say no. I do like the idea of it making sense to play certain minigames in certain areas though.

Graphics- 1
Graphics are already great as they are, and keep in mind that the more you improve graphics the more the game lags for people with slow computers (like me)

Overall I'd say keep the game more or less the way it is, don't fix what isn't broke.

I totally agree with the absence of combat, and graphics are just fine. As for the rest, I'd say it should not take precedence over what you're already doing well.

I think the absolute best would be if you could manage something like Leo&Leah, i.e. a contrast between plain silly fun on the surface and something much more somber and/or meaningful underneath - but mostly/only by subtle touches, a little bit of cognitive dissonance here and there, never throwing it in the face of the audience in big "this is DEEP" packages (or only in a climactic scene after a long buildup, but this can be very make-or-break).
There's a lot you can do with the borderline sociopathic hero ethics in this respect, and I think many things haven't been done yet because these kind of examinations are usually either totally silly or totally serious (or at least very grim and gritty in V/Watchmen style). To come back to my example, Leo&Leah did it beautifully with the cruelty of children stories and cute cartoon carnivorous monsters.

The second best thing might be a juxtaposition of cardboard cliches and perfectly mundane and psychologically realistic characters and concerns, to make the cliches pop out even more - a bit like the clown/straight man dynamics. This can be as good or as bad as Euro-arthouse familial drama during a moonwalking mariachi-zombie outbreak.

So essentially, I'd suggest either to make the serious subtle and hidden everywhere, or to contain it to part of the characters/locations/moments and let the silly roam free everywhere else.
Thank you for your inputs guys, really appreciate the feedback. I know where I'll be taking the game, in fact little has changed from the direction it's been going up to this point. I can safely say that whatever comes in the coming chapters will be how I planned it from the beginning, luckily it seems you all feel the same way.
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