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Your name is Petula. Don't ask why, in all likelihood your parents were drunk when you were conceived. You lead an incredibly meager life, with meager living quarters and a boring lifestyle. You hear about stories of heroism that sound more like modern folktales. You don't expect to become some legendary warrior or world renowned cleric. You just want to live. Guess what? You're gonna get exactly what you want.


This guy here. This one's the hero. He's the MAN! He's a strong swordsman taught by the legendary Knights of the Oval, or something. Or maybe not, was he the waterboy? That Panda guy looked more like a hero. Well, whatever. He isn't really your problem. He looked very serious and hard headed, as if he was from another world, transcendant. Whatever. He was kinda cute.

Ugh that girl is so annoying! Just thinking of that hot-headed annoying little girl makes my blood boil! She thinks she's so high and mighty, getting away with such foul language. Next time I see her i'll push her off a cliff. Just watch.

Haha what a name. He was so formal and nice, it seemed like he was from royalty or some prestigious order. He had a huge sword. His hair was shinier than mine, I wanted to touch it! I'll have to ask him what shampoo he uses.