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NPC Public Service Announcement

  • seita
  • 09/18/2013 03:32 AM
Hello everyone!

Here's a public service announcement by your local NPC service provider.

Are you worried that the heroes are finally heading to your town? You thought you were too far off of the main storyline for them to find you didn't you? Fear not! We've provided here a list of things to do so that you won't be victimized.
Please take heed, and watch out for those heroes!

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Whahahahahaha – This is hilarious!!!

Man…most heroes can be real jerks at times. X_x
Thanks Addit! Really appreciate it! If you have a moment would you mind liking us on Facebook and/or following our Twitter feed?

Well done, sir.
@ seita - I don't really use Facebook nor the Twitters. But if by some divine miracle I happen to do - I'll definitely give this a like. :)
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