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First off, I would like to say that this game largely came about because my friend asked me to make him a game for his birthday. I might not get finished by that time because these things take time to do right. Still, I would like to say a massive happy birthday to my best mate, Kai, and I hope you enjoy the world I am building for you, bro.

Now onto the game itself.

Valkyrie Rising is an ambitious game where every decision you make will ripple outwards and cause an effect on the world around you. In the game you play as twenty year old Yuri, who is trying to find his little sister, Sephira, who has been stolen away to a world of demons and gods named Valkyra. It is your job to direct Yuri on his quest through this world, bursting with lore and history, to find his sister before its too late, and the events they've been running from their entire lives comes to fruition. Make sure your prepared, for this game will struggle with love, hatred, loss and courage, all in a world that is balancing on a knife edge.

*Please note this will be when the game is in a finished state. I will be
releasing 1.0 version when it's my mate's birthday, so he can play through what I've been able to do so far. After that I will keep you guys informed and will give you a full game to play.

Game Includes:
Epic Storyline- Over 50+ Hours of gameplay
Fame/Infamy System- Every choice you make will have an effect on YOUR game world
and effect the ending.
A turn based battle system with awesome and powerful abilities.
Four playable Characters, each with their own story to tell.
Multiple Side quests for anyone who likes to explore off the beaten track.
Bursting with lore and history.
A gorgeous musical score.
Multiple Endings

Thank you for supporting and playing my game. If you find any bugs or glitches
please tell me about them, so I can squish them. :]

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The game sounds promising but you should not only focus on the story but also on the combat and enemy variety. So good luck with the project.
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