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About Lily
Lily is a game about taking risks and acting on impulses.

There is a quiet town, tucked away in a long-forgotten mountain range, whose foundations will soon be uprooted and shelter stripped from its citizens. The young Lily will be thrust into danger and forced to take up arms to save her greatest friend. She is granted a chance at adventure and escape from her boring life... but following her dreams may mean losing everything. Can she handle risking limb and love in order to get what she's always wanted? Can she afford not to?

Lily is a game where you can explore like a roguelike and strategize like an RPG. As you guide Lily through her everchanging world you will discover lost secrets, powerful relics, and looming threats. You will make crucial choices, take risks and put your very life on the line.

Key Features
  • Randomly generated dungeons and regions - the game will never be the same twice.
  • Dozens upon dozens of weapons, relics, boosters and items to discover, all with their own strengths and shortcomings.
  • A slew of beasts to fight, each with their own strategies and weaknesses.
  • Unlock secrets as you play - win or lose, new accomplishments will grant you access to a myriad of new toys like classes, weapons and relics.

Don't take the danger lightly... Lily will eat your heart out.

Latest Blog

Jus' a lil progress report

Hi everyone :) It's been awhile!

So, things are still going well with Lily. I've had to take a couple breaks to get work and make some money, but I've made some good progress, both on paper and in code, and I've never had quite as much fun working on a project as I have with Lily. If all goes well, I should be able to start full-swing again on Lily in November.

Here's a quick and incomplete list of things I've tweaked or added recently:
  • New dungeon generation, for tighter control over layouts and room placement
  • Bigger dungeons!
  • Dialogue tree creation tool
  • Miscellaneous combat tweaks to make battles simple but challenging, fast-paced and fun
  • A lot of paper designs, especially for the event generation, battle events, characters, death, etc.

One thing I'd really like to do soon is release a more friendly demo... while the current demo is playable and gets some of the ideas across, it's incredibly unforgiving and pretty much leaves you to your own devices. Expect something like that soon, as well. Thank you :)

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  • 05/03/2013 06:42 PM
  • 02/03/2023 11:22 AM
  • 12/31/2013
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I had to try this. This Lily looks nice. :D
For the Feedback page, remember to enable comments~
For the Feedback page, remember to enable comments~

Ah jeez, I didn't even notice! Thanks!

I had to try this. This Lily looks nice. :D

Hey this game is really nice! Clear gameplay, clear controls. Oh and I really love the gui! very good quality. But damn hard! I always die, no matter which class I choose. What do you mean by "explore everything" since there is not much to explore.
And what is good timing? Do I have to press the E button when I attack an enemy like in mario&luigi series or what?
Would be nice if the game offers more info. And some heal-potions ;)
The music is also very nice.
But really great and unique setting! want more :)
Thanks a lot! I'm still working on a lot of stuff in this game and honestly it might be quite a while before I can release a really good update though, but I'm really glad you liked it! I know it's hard right now (and more than a little unfair) so thank you for giving it a shot!

Yea, "good timing" is similar to the Mario & Luigi games, if you press "Space" at the right time you can do extra damage! I could've been a little clearer with the instructions :P
I must've missed the instructions, auau

the game is cute, I like how the fighting style is, so im guessing the current demo has only 1 floor~? I beated a boss and just got an end message

again, its cute ^^~
Thanks!! Yea, the current demo is only 1 floor. This demo mostly only contains some battles and different weapons to mess with, the next should contain a lot more of everything, as well as some clearer instructions :)
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