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Boss Guide: Sampson

  • Seeric
  • 05/27/2013 03:42 PM

This is a mostly spoiler-free full video guide of the fight against Sampson (make sure to turn annotations on if you want to see my comments!), the final boss of the current demo. This video was submitted as part of the Media Madness Month event.


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Oh wow, hey thanks for taking the time to submit media to the game!

I was hoping Sampson would be a good introduction to boss battles without making people pull their hair out. I also wanted it to make sense (like Sampson calling for his flock, that's not going to be a common theme in bosses no worries lol)

As for what his "Sampson Phage" SKL equipment does, it's always going to be a skill the enemy has, so to those wondering, you can make a guess based on what the Sampson Phage throws at you. Chapter one should be released by the end of next month.
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