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As the snowflakes fall and the sky disappear, so does my hope of your return...
-Lucina Stragose

Ortheim, a sickness of the mind and the soul, resulting in a never ending internal conflict between
the two, between fear and hope, with the final result being a complete turn around of personality, and
sanity. The infected person becomes corrupt with negative thoughts, thoughts that destroy the person
who has this sickness.

There have been no records of the sickness being cured and even the cause of the sickness remains
unknown, but a single thing remains certain: If someone contracts the sickness, the will never...
stay the same.


Lucina is a young girl who only wishes to find her father. One day a tree appears, one which has
a doorway carved into it. When she and her pet cat enters they find a thing that takes the two of
them far-far away from the place they call home. Jalyle, the White City is she ends up, but her
cat is nowhere. Together with a few companions, she sets out the find her cat her mother entrusted
onto her, only to come into contact with a cult planning to eridicate this nation they know as


•Five playable characters, each having their own unique skill sets and magical spells.
•The Familiar system, in which you learn skills for your familiar and summon them in combat to use these abilities. (For those who don't know, a familiar is a pet for wizards and magicians.)
•The Cute DS Resource style.
•Different Endings to add more replayability to the game
•TP will be replaced with RP(or rift points) which will be used to cast Rift Flashes
•Rift Flashes, ultimate skills like Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy capable of one-shotting enemies into submission, usable when RP is at the needed amount to use the skill but the more you use the skill the more dangerous enemies will become and this will also effect your ending, be it good or bad, it's up to you
•A Unique elemental system that will greatly effect battles:

Here's a quick mock up of but it will look a lot better >.<

Vatra will have spells that revolve around fire, thunder and light. Fire being the main damage out putter, thunder being the main debuffing and buffing and light being a mixture of the two
Priroda will have spells that revolve around and earth, air and life(Animals). Earth being the main damage out putter, air being the main debuffing and buffing and life being a mixture of the two
Sistina will have spells that revolve around and spirit(Summons and other types), healing and illusion. Spirit being the main damage out putter, Healing being the main debuffing and buffing and Illusion being a mixture of the two
Tamadus will have spells that revolve around Dark, Cold and Psychic. Dark being the main damage out putter, Cold being the main debuffing and buffing and Psychic being a mixture of the two.

As you can see each "class" of element has it's damage dealer, buffer etc. And each element will be versatile enough to stand on its own. But don't be put off by the fact that Cold, thunder, air and Healing will only consist of buffing and debuffing, each will still have a fair amount of attack spells to pummel you enemies with.
•A humorous story (I don't think my humor is that good though ;w;) with some dark twists.
*Note: If you are expecting a cute, funny little game, you are surely mistaken. The game does have the look of a cute game and is surely funny game at times but it will have a dark tone to it as it deals with inner conflict within characters and how they deal with it and interact with each other. The sickness mentioned in the synopsis will come into contact with the characters, how it will, I can't say but you'll just have to wait and see!

Latest Blog

Been a while...

Hello everyone~

Development has been VERY slow but things are starting to pick up a bit again since I've finished with exams. I rewrote the story synopsis of the game again XD Which is good because the previous one was rushed and didn't really give any idea of the story of the game. Hopefully this is the last time I change it -.-(I have a tendency of changing things so~ I doubt it). I've also recently commissioned a friend of mine to do portraits for the game :D I'll be posting some examples as soon as she has them done, if anyone's interested here is her shop ^^, on the topic of characters, the two twin characters have sadly been scrapped, I just don't feel like they really belonged in the story =/ So I'll be editing the character page in a few. Not sure if I'll be adding two characters in their place but we'll see ^^ and lastly I've been messing around more with art and bought myself a tablet :D Here are some designs for two characters, Valencia and a new character replacing the twins, Argia(me and my name choices o.O)

I'm still a beginner when it comes to art so it's still a pretty simple style I'm utilizing but yeah :P
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  • 05/04/2013 07:16 PM
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Pages: 1
Wow I know you said it was short but that was like reeeally short xD. Anyway, it was enjoyable and the mapping is beautiful. Good luck ;)
Thank you and yeah it was a little too short I guess >.>

But I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
jesus dude, change the layout i thought this was gonna be a horror game xD
Yeah lol most of the background and the title screen are holders at the moment.
Fun demo. Any battles coming up?
No, but I'm working on a longer demo with a dungeon. I hope I'll be able to release it soon >.<
Pretty good game that has some serious potential, I'm looking forward for a longer demo....and I subscribe to it. :)
sounds like an interesting game. Downloading it now and also subscribed.
How many hours of gameplay will the finish product consist of?
Well, that was short! very very short! but it was enjoyable. i liked the mapping, it was really great, the soundtrack relaxing and cute, and i think the game and the story is very interesting! i suscribed, can't wait for a longer demo! :) and i'm sorry if my english is really bad. greetings!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
ok this is next!
bad start i dont like the characters personality that you sadly have to play as :(
the text for the draw upstairs is too slow lol...suggest making it possible to finish reading it faster
love the winter theme : D
shes a tsundere lol...
wha!? nooooo!
its over already!?
now im a sad kitten!

i don't really have much else to say but i love the cat and the winter mapping : D

also i love that art in the blog! :D
but atm theirs nothing else so :3...gl! : D

subbed for updates! :D
You're magical to me.
Haha, I love the main character's terrible attitude and the whimsical feel of the world. The demo is short but I found it to be very enjoyable. Your mapping is nice and like shayoko, I love the winter theme and the winter mapping.

All in all, if the rest of the game has the same level of cuteness as this demo, then it'll be well worth playing ^_^
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