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@ Active Forums and Downloads can be found here: www.crestfallen.us
@ Check the Forums for the unbelievable list of theories that have been circulated for the past 4 years.
@ Also when starting games, There are four options. It is recommended to play the game Normally, starting from Episode 1 with plunge and battle cheats off.
@ HUGE Walkthrough by Jabbo
@ This download is just for Episode Six, look for other entries for other episodes.

The Way, created over a 4-year period, is an epic tale that spans six episodes and contains a
minimum of 20 hours of gameplay. It is highly cinematic for a 2D RPG with hundreds of carefully
scripted cut scenes that progress the story. Don't expect to see characters standing around just yammering; The Way's cut scenes emphasize action and make use of a wide range of brilliant
special effects and animations.

-It's a complete, finished game (divided into 6 episodes)
-won Game of the Year at the 2003 and 2004 Misao Awards (episodes 4 and 5 were released in 2004)
-winner of over 25 different Misao Awards
-20+ mini-games
-A one-on-one dueling system
-Branching storyline dependent on player's choices
-3 different endings
-Hundreds of action packed cut scenes
-Hundreds of character animations
-Over 50 unique faces with lots of different expressions
-Hundreds of custom character graphics
-20+ optional side quests
-Unique XL magic system
-Unique Aura system for attack and defense
-Hundreds of secret items

As you wander the way, you will face many choices of what to do or say at certain junctures. These decisions, in total, will have far reaching effects and perceptibly alter certain events as the game progresses and culminates in 3 different endings.

The Way is a game of many mysteries and many secrets. The curious and clever will both reap great rewards.

The Way is a game that allows players to play the way they want. Don't be confused, it's really quite simple: Both puzzles and battles can be turned on or off at any save point in the game. When battles are off, players can instantly defeat any foes they come across. Thus, they can quickly build levels if they so wish. The only catch is that skipping certain battles and
puzzles prevents some special bonuses from being bestowed.

The Way features many custom graphics, including a plethora of facesets. The hero, Rhue, has nearly 50 different expressions, making him one of the most expressive heroes in RPG history. While the style used in The Way is similar to Rm2k's default graphics, the majority of the graphics are original works. Most notably, The Way makes use of lush environments rendered in Bryce 3D. If you think most Rm2k games look the same, it's time to look again. There is nothing quite like The Way.

In The Way, rivals often duke it out in a one-on-one duel. Participating in such a duel is known as "taking the plunge." The Plunge operates on a distinct set of attributes and skills, which the player can improve in many ways to create the perfect warrior. There's much to be won and lost by taking the plunge, whether the battle rages in a quiet valley or with a wild
fan-packed arena, complete with a roaring crowd and sensational entrances.

You will never find yourself equipping new armor or a new sword in The Way, at least not in the typical sense. Instead, The Way uses auras to help players improve their attack and defensive powers. By defeating foes with various aura's "equipped" you will improve an aura's stats and learn new specialized skills. Additionally, players who find out which aura an enemy is weak to will be able to cause extra damage.

The Notch System is another way to increase abilities in The Way. During the course of the game, players will come across items which can be set into a notch on the hero's sword. By absorbing these items, the hero will acquire new skills and increase various attributes. Absorption is accomplished by defeating foes and gaining specialized points. Given the number of notch items in the game, it is largely the player's decision as to what skills or attributes they want to increase.

2003 Misao Awards: The Way (Episodes 1-3)
-Best game of the year
-Best Dungeons
-Best Individual Character - Rhue

2004 Misao Awards: The Way (Episodes 4-5)
Best game of the year
Best cast
Best CMS
Best character
Best graphics
Best dialogue
Best game series
Best minigame, 2004
Best music, 2004
Best plot, 2004
Best coded game
Best villain
Best supporting character
Most mysterious character
Most technically advanced game

2005 Misao Awards: The Way (Episode 6)
-Most promising story
-Darkest story
-Most dramatic way
-Best opening sequence
-Best non-clichéd game
-Best pacing game
-Best dialogue
-Game that Best Plays with Your Emotions
-Best story, 2005
-Most mysterious character

The conclusion of The Way series.

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The guide is like 499/500 Incomplete, I'd like to fill in for that last part of Episode 6.

Somehow find your way through the cart puzzle, ask on the forums if your stuck. After you reach the end of the track, go up into the next screen, then right into the next screen. Open the nearby chest for a notch item. Go up and take the left fork, not the stairs. There will be another notch item. Take the stairs, left, then down the stairs. There will be a patch leading down. Follow it into a room containing notch items. Exit, back to the stairs, take the right and pick up the nearby notch item. Go into the next room.

Follow the patch to the next screen. Follow the path into the next room again, where you will be lectured. After that, there will be three doors on the bottom of the room. Take the rightmost one (make sure you save) stand in the middle of the Pentagram for a minute to fight a lesser. Win this and you will get a series of notch items.

Exit, head into the left most door. Climb down unbelievably long double set of stairs and into the next room. Then in the next screen, down the LONG flight of stairs into the next screen. Go down, a little bit left. There will be a place to jump up into a piece of parted land. Jump onto it, follow it to some notch items. Jump back, fight your way through to the next screen.

Down the flight of stairs. There will be two fork options leading to down and right. Take the down fork, and get the notch items. Back, follow the right fork into the lower section (getting the incredibly obvious notch item before going). There will be a save point and a notch item. Save, and try to walk through the little squeeze. You'll fight a boss. Mince technique will utterly destroy this boss, if you have it.

Into the next screen. You get to choose between the Endings.

Reaches Ending â€" Complete the four Shadow plunge tests, go into the top hole and beat the two bosses with the last one being super difficult, but not impossible. Basically, get every notch items possible, get all techniques possible, get the best auras possible, best companions, get some luck charms and a couple of tries.

Lexus Ending â€" Complete all side quests relating to her almost perfectly, go into the leftmost door at the final choice.

Normal Ending â€" Not do one of the Lexus sidequests, go into the leftmost door at the final choice.

Try to get all the endings.
woooaaahhh duuuuude!!! this is a huge series! and has 20 hours of gameplay?!?!?! man dude! nice going! maybe even try to be a video game designer!
20 Hours MINIMUM. You'd have to miss out on LOTS of things to finish in that time.
The best RM series I've played!
Not at all nice to rate down game just for fun... whichever ABL fan is going around multi-logging.
you realize anybody could have rated this game down. It could have been me.
lol I was wondering when this series would make its way here (no pun intended).
THE SIXTH?I'm only on the first!?
Wow I love the redesigned faces, props to lun for making the best rm2k game ever!
Yeah, sorry, I dropped off the guide at the very end. I'm honestly probably never going to get around to finishing that last little bit, and I missed a couple of notch items throughout Ep6. Apologies to all.

The Way has the best battle mechanics of any RPG I've ever played, hands down. I didn't really like Ep6 that much, but I can't deny that it has some of the best battles in the series, both regular and plunges. I would love to see someone take some of the battling ideas from this series and expand upon them elsewhere.
Amazing game. This game, is the Rpg Maker game, with the most deep storyline, I have ever played, and the battle system is quite enjoyable. It's amazing how the games is filled with small details, and secret Items. There are a couple of bugs in the game, but they're all ignoreable, and minimal. It's quite impressive, that this game was finished in 4 years... I managed to play the game until the end. (Well, not really the end, because in the ending of the game, it says "the beggining," so I guess I should say that I managed to play the game until the beggining...) And I must say you made a lot of side quests, and secret items (some of them very secret...).
This game is an exellent game. It's a must play. The storyline is very non-cliche, and the battle system is very unique, and more simple than it looks, but for some reason it may seem flawed sometimes, because in some occasions that you're supposed to have the advantage, your opponent lands big damage on you, an you give minimal damage to your opponent, but once you get further ahead in the game, such things are unlikely to happen, unless you're fighting an monstrously powerful opponent, but if you are fighting a monstrously powerful opponent, you can't say you have the advantage, unless you're monstrously powerful yourself, can you?
Oh well. I already mentioned many unneccesary things... You have to start this game from Ep. 1. This game, is certainly one of the best Rpg maker games I have ever played. Nice job, Crestfallen studios.
As good as the series was I must say it had more cons than pros. I would love to see some areas of this expanded upon in your future releases.

Sadly due to all the cons I could list on this series plus a few things I thought were carried out really badly I had to rate it down. Still I think this is a nice series and a must to download and try. The pros although few are enough to make the cons worth playing through.

Really though expand on this. There is a LOT of potential in this game. Also quit pandering to whoever it is you are pandering to. It really did feel like the game, starting at ep 4, was made for a specific person or crowd of people rather than for yourself. It's really apparent that the motivation for making this changes as you see many unjustified changes and many things seem to be forgotten/removed on purpose.
Hey um, can anyone help me? it involves the game, when i make it to the shadow ranch inn and go inside
all of the flashing lights bog the game down to a crawl and i can't even
find the guy im supposed to.

how can i fix this?
Someone please tell me exactly how to get into the 'Child's Knee' ! I got into the phantoms room and found the key to the child's knee, but where is it?!
Hey um, can anyone help me? it involves the game, when i make it to the shadow ranch inn and go inside
all of the flashing lights bog the game down to a crawl and i can't even
find the guy im supposed to.

how can i fix this?

All you need to do is make an event that states your speed increases by or is set to .05 or something.
All you need to do is make an event that states your speed increases by or is set to .05 or something.

Apart from the fact that the question is more then 1 year old it would not solve the problem as the event slows the game down and not simply the character.
There would need to be longer waits in the event showing the pictures to solve the problem.
Has anyone got the ending which tells you all?
Uh, do you mean the canonical ending? You can go to the crestfallen forums (link in the summary for the game) to be spoiled if you want.
My mind is full of fuck.
Just reading The Way on TVTropes just now.
It is impossible to get the Lexus ending, because the game was altered, and now you only have two actual endings you can end up with.
I just LOVE the Way, but... its so complicated!
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