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Ulstern’s Alchemy Guild has received a secret tip on the whereabouts of Tarneus’ tomb, rumoured to hold the Elixir of Immortality.
However, Tarneus disappeared before anyone could see if this was true, and the place has remained a mystery until now.
The party will travel to the tomb, hidden deep underground, and discover the results of Tarneus' research.

Alma is a Magic Engineer and Isaac’s wife. Isaac is an alchemist, sent by the guild to explore the tomb. He asks his nephew Ellis, a young Illusionist studying at Vlad’s Magical Academy, to come along to disable the spell sealing the tomb’s entrance. Ezekiel is the priest who offered the guild the information, and is their guide to the tomb.

-Made in two weeks (two very stressful weeks x.x) for the Release Something Weekend.
-Conditional Turn Battle System (CTB)
-Four totally different character classes.
-Both humorous and serious storyline (some dark themes).
-Complete game takes around two-three hours to complete (your mileage may vary.)
-The game is part of the Arum universe. (See if you can spot all the cameos in the credits!)

May I say again this game was made in two weeks? Actually more like three days, since most of the combat, systems, eventing and writing (and hah, testing) were done in that time.
To reach the deadline we had to skip many things. Fancy effects, custom icons and character graphics (except combat sprites and title: Eagles and Scinaya did us some badass materials there!).
We will undoubtedly find minor (and hopefully not major) bugs here and there post-release. We will probably release a patch to that soon, so be gentle: that was three extremely stressful days towards the end XD
(Also I feel I must say that this entire torture was just because Fomar wanted the Full Game achievement >C)

And please, PLEASE! For the love of all that’s holy and sacred to you, give us your feedback!
This was a lot of work and it really makes us feel like it paid off when we hear your opinions on the game, and keeps us motivated to make more games.
So tell us who your favourite character was, if you liked the plot, did you defeat the secret boss…anything! We love hearing from you guys.

Latest Blog

Re-release ready!

We (finally!) got the re-release ready! In short, it includes a bunch of fixes on bugs, balancing and smoothness and adds the online achievements, but here you have the changelog anyway:

Character Changes
+Removed the Kit swapping mechanic, Alma can use any skill now without needing to swap kits.
+Added a new mod that adds DEF Down to enemies when analysing.
+Added a new personal mod that gives Isaac a 50% chance to create a duplicate item for the party to use when Mixing in battle.
+Added a new battle mechanic, Delayed, Ellis's skills that affect the flow of battles have been made stronger but each battler can only be negatively effected once between each of their turns.
+Ellis now learns his skill in a set order at set intervals.
+Added a new mod that lets Ellis get the first turn.
+First Strike has been weakened.
+Added a new mod that gives the party 10% HP regen (at least until they die).

The new mods are created by crafting using items you find in the field.

Battle Changes
+Added difficulty option
+Previous difficulty now the Normal Mode difficulty
+Hard mode has been added.
++Most enemies have been made stronger
+Charged Terrors' Thunder Clap now hits 3 times instead of 6.
+Superboss is now immune to Ice and Thunder.
+All damage has been increased by 60%.
+Animation speed for actors has been increased.
+Max Agility is now 200.

Added online achievements
+If you've played any other game with the same script then your account will automatically be found.
  • Completed
  • Indra
  • Scinaya (Assistant Extraordinaire)
    EvilEagles (Action sprite genius)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 05/05/2013 01:53 PM
  • 04/10/2021 11:55 AM
  • 05/05/2013
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Not gonna lie, this is my favorite RM game, and I mean that. (and I've play through The Way, Alter A.I.L.A Genesis (well haven't beat that one yet :P) SU, and some of the other classics and newer ones.) This was amazing! Sent a review in :D (and I also plan to check out some of the creator's of this' games)
Really flattering of you to say, I don't think we've ever gotten a "favourite" badge so far with any game XD Hope you like the others too!
Also thanks for the review, all them yummy stars :D
Alma is the key to victory and also the best character in terms of skill. Both in attack in support for the group. Ellis at the beginning until it has other useful healing skills not found useful for me. Ezekiel Phoenix Down character of the game.
My thoughts:

Glass cannon Ezekiel sort of overpowered everything. His final stats when I reached the final boss with Cursed Hammer, Power++, and Berserker: 1400HP, 220ATK, 0DEF, 3AGL. Combo that with Time Warp, and took out the final boss and lackeys in about 3 minutes (with the help of a few Golems).

The optional boss took about 20 minutes since I couldn't one-shot Ezekiel-kill him, and he had this obnoxious heal that undid my 3dmg damages. I just tanked and built up 100 overkill for Ezekiel. And then made a one-shot Ezekiel-kill.

But! I enjoyed this game a lot, it's just that the reviewers said everything good before me.

PS: Got more mileage from crafting system than I thought I would, pleasantly surprised me.
This was enjoyable! Gameplay was somewhat basic, but nice. I liked the after-combat recovery, it makes random encounters far less frustrating. I'm also not a bit fan of ATB, so I'm glad you didn't use that. I didn't notice any major bugs, though Ink Kit doesn't appear on Alma's skill list after you learn it. Oh, and Phantom Heavy Armor doesn't quadruple Ellis' defense, it just doubles it. Also, I second that Ezekiel is kind of overpowered.

I didn't get a whole lot of use out of item components -- you can create every stash item pretty early on, and from then on I just had Isaac use everything. Although, in retrospect, a few battles probably would have been easier if I was able to have other people use the ailment-removing elixirs. Isaac was generally on permanent healing duty and couldn't really do much.

For me the story was the main draw -- it was very well-written, with a nice balance between light humor and dark atmospheric stuff. Although I was a bit disappointed by the ending and

the fact it basically just turns into a typical evil mad scientist plot. Those are kind of cliche. Two of the main characters being awesome science heroes helped counterbalance that, though.

But yes, very good, especially for something made in only two weeks! I'm amazed at the amount of unique art you had, it really added a lot of personality to the characters.

Edit: The level up mechanic was also a little disappointing. I didn't really bother with stat mods after a while, especially since it seemed a bit pointless to reduce one stat to increase another. I would have preferred more access to the single-step mods outside of the first area.
Only wanted to say that it have been one of the most enjoyable games i have played ever.

I loved the characters, the battles, the story and everything in the game.

There is only one thing i would change: the difficult. It was too easy to finish it. I only lost one character in one or two battles. I even was expecting an "ultimate transformation" or something when i killed the last boss so easily.

That's been said the game was awesome in all the other aspects.

Thank you for doing it :-)
Just finished the game, loved it, took me a bit more than 3 hours, I went for it in a single run

The gameplay seems to be quite unique as in some of your games i've played, the characters are funny and awesome, the story managed to be comedy-ish while keeping the seriousness of it ((well, the little seriousness it had)) and alot more ~

though, in battle, I feel Ellis and Ezekiel are the only ones I need, Ezekiel is overpowered and Ellis seems a bit god-like to me.

if there isn't already a game of it, I hope we get to see a few things of the story that go my attention, like Robin appears in the grumpy knight being the "superior" of Elsa ((or something like that)) hope we get to see how that happens, or what backstory they had in other words.

I saw the cameos in the ending, I was actually happy with it, i'm starting to like this universe or country that everything takes place in, keep up the wonderfull work ^^

~your dear frog goddess

just my though of something:

Elsa, from the grumpy knight, seems to resemble a bit Isaac and Alma ((Isaac is so cool)), makes me wonder if they are related somehow, after playing the grumpy knight it's not likely for her to be their daughter since we see her mom or maybe she is *plot twist* just kidding, ((I remember someone saying something about not being blood-related, but I think it was Dee, I have terrible memory))

I tough Ellis was Elias, since both of them are very-alike, don't know really, but I really loved Elias, he is an illusionist and i'm a magician, I liked him as soon as I got him ~ I hope both of these are actually related or same person
This game was good too, though ironically not for the same reason as Grumpy Knight or Dead Moon Night. I thought all both of those games had great combat (especially Grumpy Knight, which was perfect), but here it seems like you turned it into art almost. It's like you basically took RPG combat and decided to rebuild it from the ground up, which is really great and ambitious especially in such a short time.

Strong writing/mapping from Indra as usual(especially forcing the rtp to still be interesting, even without the awesome custom art from the other games), though this time I still liked the characters but not the "story" so much, maybe because it had less comedy. But, basically, loved all three of these games and I'm really looking forward to In Search of Dragons.
Just finished this. Got the secret boss and everything. My favorite character was Ellis, he was really cute and innocent and I found it endearing how much he loved his demon, Pudding. The story was neat and overall the combat was fun and challenging, at first anyway (the challenging part). Ezekiel really does get way too powerful, he beat the end boss on the first turn basically!

Great game and look forward to your other games as well.
Can't wait for the updated version...to play now or wait for the superior version...the wait is killing me but patience gets a (assumedly) superior product...Grumpy Knight was awesome BTW.
Unlike the other games the changes to In Search of Immortality aren't as drastic so if you're not into the online achievements I wouldn't worry about waiting.
Yeah Achievements have never really interested me if anything I find them immersion breaking. I'll probably have a look soon
I loved this game! There was an interesting story, easy-to-use characters, fun battle mechanics, a fake love story(I wish it was real) and it hasn't disappointed me. I just wish you made the love story real and let Alma show her, "wild side" in relation to yaoi
Just completed the game. It was some really interesting and unique character, and the story was good as well.
Just completed the game. It was some really interesting and unique character, and the story was good as well.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for letting us know!
I plan to do a Let's Play and Video Review of this game!
I'll post the link here later, probably next week.
If the creators are interested, I'd love to do an interview!
Sure an interview could be cool, how would you like to do it?
I loved the hell out of this game.

The characters (as always) were a blast to be around, the plot had just the right level of intrigue (soooo muuuuuch intriiiigue!), and the combat was pretty fun. :P

There were a few hiccups, but not many.
1) I wish I could have seen what ingredients were needed to make items in combat, since building up Isaac's stash is insanely important.
2) Ellis' illusions felt really useless at the start of the game.
3) I could never find any Dark Water. I got 2 over the entire game, preventing me from making some of the super cool looking mods.
4) Who was that guy who followed Alma at the end? I really don't recognize him...I assume he's a cameo, but I don't know. ;_; It's really bugging me since I played Dead Moon Night, and Grumpy Knight and I can't recognize him.

That's about it. Everything else was kickass as hell. :) Hope to see more from you guys!
The green "dude" is Elsa from Grumpy XD (She didn't have a ACE style sprite so I jsut whipped somethign vaaaaguely similar with the generator).
WHAT, that was elsa?! 0_o

I...guess I didn't recognize her without the pitch black armor?

*is very upset because I was a big fan of her in Grumpy knight*