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Re-release ready!

We (finally!) got the re-release ready! In short, it includes a bunch of fixes on bugs, balancing and smoothness and adds the online achievements, but here you have the changelog anyway:

Character Changes
+Removed the Kit swapping mechanic, Alma can use any skill now without needing to swap kits.
+Added a new mod that adds DEF Down to enemies when analysing.
+Added a new personal mod that gives Isaac a 50% chance to create a duplicate item for the party to use when Mixing in battle.
+Added a new battle mechanic, Delayed, Ellis's skills that affect the flow of battles have been made stronger but each battler can only be negatively effected once between each of their turns.
+Ellis now learns his skill in a set order at set intervals.
+Added a new mod that lets Ellis get the first turn.
+First Strike has been weakened.
+Added a new mod that gives the party 10% HP regen (at least until they die).

The new mods are created by crafting using items you find in the field.

Battle Changes
+Added difficulty option
+Previous difficulty now the Normal Mode difficulty
+Hard mode has been added.
++Most enemies have been made stronger
+Charged Terrors' Thunder Clap now hits 3 times instead of 6.
+Superboss is now immune to Ice and Thunder.
+All damage has been increased by 60%.
+Animation speed for actors has been increased.
+Max Agility is now 200.

Added online achievements
+If you've played any other game with the same script then your account will automatically be found.


New version with RTP fix.

Updated the download to version 1.1, which fixed a problem where the RTP would be asked (as it should not) if it wasn't installed. Also fixed a couple of typos, but nothing major.


Welp, it's out.

The download is up and ready!
(I had forgotten to take away "will be up later label". Oops)

So...play it and tell us whatcha think! It's a pity we could not do more with it (I'd have liked the battle system to have more stuff, the game to be longer, but...well. Deadlines. I'd say we did pretty well for two weeks (or 12 days of leisure and little work and 3 days of absolute bat-shit insane work OMG WE ARE NOT MAKING IT).

But that's it. It's out, and now I feel sort of unablanced with no more urgent work to do XD
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