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Developers: Blue Coral Games
-Indra (Writing, eventing, mapping)
-Fomar0153 (Gameplay, scripting, databasing)
Testers: Scinaya
Music: Rengoku Tien
Facesets: Sore Janai
Enemy Battlers: DS Resource Pack
Sprites: Sore Janai, Evil Eagles, Moon, Saitou, Momope, Indrah, Vibrato, DMDSottore
Tilesets: Indrah, Pandamaru, Liberty, Lunarea, Mack, Miyanamisaya
Scripts: Fomar0153, Modern Algebra, Shaz, Yanfly, Jet
Title Screen: Scinaya
Windowskin: Etolier
Special thanks to Scinaya and Evil Eagles for their help during development! You two are awesome.