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An update of sorts

Hello again! Wow, has it really been almost a year since I made this crazy thing? Haha, it seems that is has.

So, in the spirit of looking back, I decided to go bug hunting in this little game. Nothing major, just a few minor glitches that I think could only be noticed if you did exactly the right thing. So I guess you could say the game has been 'updated', if only a little bit. I uploaded the new version to this website, so use the main download rather than the mirrors, (although the mirrors will be updated too). :)

Also, if you're one of the 77 people who actually downloaded this, thanks, I guess! Haha xD
One of you should totally write a really snarky review or something xD

PS: If you actually want to see this, I would recommend that you extract the files from the .lzh archive itself using WinRar, rather than using the 'Setup.exe'. Using the installer to actually install the game gives you the great message 'Inavlid image format' (yes, mispelt exactly like that), every time you boot it up. Looking to get to the bottom of this, it seems like a very nasty RPG Maker 2003 bug. D:

(Update: The issue with the installer is now fixed, and the new download should definitely be the final one. Oh, and fixing it magically made the file size smaller somehow! WOOHOO!) :D

- Eurovision1968
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